Hospital Performance

Performance Indicators - Common Questions

What are performance indicators?

A performance indicator helps us to measure how well we do our job. For example, they can help us to know how well we serve our patients and how happy our staff are to be working here.

Why do we publish performance indicators?

We support the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's belief that hospitals should share this information with the public.

Comparing how we are doing with health-care targets, standards and averages also helps us to learn about our strengths and areas for improvement.

How is data calculated?

Definitions of the indicator and how it is calculated are included on each page.

We use national and provincial targets, standards and averages, or we set our own, based on published research, if they are unavailable.

How often are the performance indicators updated?

We post new information as it becomes available. This matches our reporting to the Hospital's Board of Directors.

Targets for many performance indicators are not decided by us, but by regional or provincial governments and agencies. We post new targets, standards and averages when they become available.