Who We Are

Excellence in Quality

At St. Michael’s Hospital, finding better ways to provide high quality patient care is at the foundation of everything we do. We are constantly striving to improve by focusing on six dimensions of quality adapted from the Institute of Medicine, one of the world’s leaders in quality improvement. We cluster our quality initiatives under safety, outcomes, access, patient centeredness and efficiency. We believe that this emphasis will make a tangible difference for our patients and their families.

St. Michael's captures sought-after award for quality team
Our Quality improvement Plan is submitted to the provincial government each year to outline our commitments and targets for key quality indicators.

Our Performance

Explore our performance by viewing specific quality indicators or navigating by our dimensions of quality: safety, outcomes, access, patient experience, equity and efficiency.

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Quality Stories

Explore our stories about quality is a part of how we do things at St. Michael's Find out more.