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Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

Established in 1982, the Multiple Sclerosis clinic is a part of the Mobility Program at St. Michael’s Hospital and is one of many specialty centres of MS care across Canada that is dedicated to treatment, education, and research in MS.

The MS clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital is one of the largest of its kind in North America, with a focus on diagnosis and treatment of MS and clinical trials. The clinic is staffed by eight MS neurology specialists, and accommodates over 7,000 patients from the Greater Toronto Area.

A multidisciplinary approach to care allows for the expertise of allied health professionals who provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and social work services. In addition to providing the diagnosis of MS and education about the disease, healthcare professionals at the MS clinic also provide patients with resources for psychosocial support, rehabilitation and symptom management.

Referrals to services at St. Michael’s and other healthcare centres in the province of Ontario include those for consultation for spasticity, pain management, ophthalmology, psychiatry, psychology and urology care.

Referral from a physician is usually required in order to schedule an appointment at the MS clinic.

Referrals should include a MRI report. It is recommended that patients bring a CD of their MRI images along with them at the time of the first visit.

The initial appointment for consultations includes a medical assessment and a neurological examination, education about the disease, and a treatment plan. Further referrals for diagnostic tests and procedures, referral for rehabilitation services and education about support services and additional treatment options may also occur on the first or subsequent visits.

The MS clinic nurses may be contacted by patients between scheduled visits to the clinic with questions or concerns.

The MS clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital has a specialty in clinical trials and is involved in numerous collaborative and international studies on MS treatments that investigate safety and efficacy of new therapies; conduct studies to determine genetic and epidemiological factors in MS, and advance research initiatives to explore quality of life in persons diagnosed with MS.

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