Mental Health and Addictions Service

Rapid Access Clinic

What is the Rapid Access Clinic (RAC)?

The RAC is part of St. Michael’s Hospital Addictions team. The RAC provides quick access to an addiction medicine specialist for individuals requiring medical intervention for substance use problems.

What kind of treatment is offered?

The RAC offers medications for withdrawal and alcohol craving (e.g. Naltrexone) or opiate agonist therapy (e.g. methadone or suboxone). Clients/patients who have already been started on methadone or suboxone will have to return to their original prescribing doctor.

What kind of treatment will not be offered?

The RAC will not be able to assist individuals who are requesting narcotics, benzodiazepines and pain management.

What connections to community services does the RAC offer?

The RAC is a short-term service that works closely with Coordinated Access for Addictions. This service will be able to connect individuals to various addictions treatment options in the city of Toronto.

Coordinated Access for Addictions telephone number: 1-855-505-5045

How do clients/patients get referred to the RAC?

The RAC is accepting all clients. For  more information please call 416-864-3082, or Coordinated Access at 1-855-505-5045.


The RAC operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 to 11 a.m.  If it is your first time to the clinic, please arrive for 9 a.m.  The clinic is located at St. Michael's Hospital, on the 17th floor Cardinal Carter Wing South. Clients/patients should present to the reception desk on the 17th floor Cardinal Carter wing.