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Laboratory Medicine

Test catalogue

Bone Marrow

Test Name

Bone Marrow

Specimen Requirements

Non-clotted bone marrow specimen for the bone marrow aspirate.

An approximately 2 cm long bone marrow biopsy.

A clotted bone marrow aspirate for particle clot sections.

Bone Marrow Slide

Specimen Handling

Collection Instructions:

Bone marrow samples can be obtained from the sternum, the iliac crest, the spinous process of the lumbar vertebrae, and from the tibia in children under 4 years of age. The anterior or posterior iliac crest is the most commonly used site for bone marrow biopsy because there are no vital organs near this site of puncture.

Ensure that a CBC is collected if a CBC and/or blood films have not been performed within the previous two weeks. Bone marrows will be collected Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 10:30 for inpatients and up to 13:00 for outpatients (except until 11:00 on Fridays) or unless approved by the Haematology Divisional Head.

Call hematology at extention 2138 to book an appointment before ordering.

Aspiration by medical staff. Green top-Sodium heparin tube for cytogenetics studies and flow cytometry. EDTA tube- for molecular studies. A Haematology requisition must be obtained from the physician with the patient’s demographics, diagnosis and physician signature.

Retention Time: Fixed but unstained bone marrow slides are kept for 6 months

Transportation: Transport to hematology lab ASAP.

Laboratory Staff Instructions: Collection tubes for Cell Markers/Flow Cytometry, Cytogenetic studies and Molecular Diagnostic studies should be obtained before 11:00. The technologist on the Float bench is responsible for preparing bone marrow samples and smears. If this technologist is unavailable, then the Float back-up technologist will assist in preparing the samples

Required Documentation

Turnaround Time (TAT)

2 Weeks

Testing location

SMH- Heamatology