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Research Interests

Clinical trials currently underway

Shockwave Lithotripsy: A Randomized Single-Blinded Trial to Compare Shock Wave Frequencies of 60 and 120 Hertz
15mm Stones and Lithotripsy: Stent versus No Stent
Hypertension, Kidney Stone Disease and Hypercalciuria Genetic Study: Thiazde Receptor Gene in Hypertension
Success rate of subsequent shock wave lithotripsy for kidney stones after failed initial treatment.
Shock Wave Lithotripsy Treatment Outcomes for Pancreatic Stones
Economics: The current and future ecomonic aspects of the management of kidney stone disease.

Clinical trials recently completed

Pace, K.T., Dyer, S.J., Weir, M.J., Tariq, N., and Honey, R.J.D’A. Individual patient variation and inter-rater reliability of lower calyceal infundibular width on routine intravenous pyelography.

Pace, K.T., Dyer, S.J., Weir, M.J., and Honey, R.J.D’A. Variation in effectiveness and urothelial damage between available ultrasonic lithotripters.

Pace, K.T., Tariq, N., Dyer, S. Weir, M.J., and Honey, R.J.D’A. Mechanical percussion, inversion, and diuresis for residual lower pole fragments following shock wave lithotripsy: a prospective, single-blinded, randomized controlled trial. In press (accepted June 2001 to Journal of Urology)

Joo HS, Perks WJ, Kataoka MT, Pace K, Honey RJ. Comparison of patient controlled sedation using either remifentanil or remifentanil-propofol for shock wave lithotripsy. Anesthesia and Analgesia. (In press)

R.J.D’A. Honey and A. Finelli. Thoracoscopic-Assisted High Intercostal Percutaneous Renal Access. Journal of Endourology (In press).

Denstedt, J.D., Wollin, T.A., Sofer, M., Nott, L., Weir, M., and Honey, R.J.D’A. A prospective randomized controlled trial comparing nonstented versus stented ureteroscopic lithotripsy. Journal of Urology. 165(5):1419-22, 2001 May.

R.J.D’A. Honey, M.J. Weir, and N.Tariq. Electrode performance beyond the manufacturer’s recommended life span using the Dornier MFL 5000 lithotripter. Journal of Endourology. 15(3):243-6, 2001 Apr.

Pace, K.T., Weir, M.J., Tariq, N., and Honey, J.R.D’A. Low success rate of subsequent shock wave lithotripsy for ureteral stones after failed initial treatment. Journal of Urology. 164(6):1905-7, 2000 Dec.

Pierratos, A., Dharamsi, N., Carr, L.K., Ibanez, D., Jewett, M.A.S., and R.J.D’A. Honey. Higher urinary potassium is associated with stone growth following shock wave lithotripsy. Journal Urology. 164(5): 1486-1489, 2000 Nov.

M.J. Weir, N. Tariq, and R.J.D’A. Honey. Shockwave frequency affects fragmentation in a kidney stone model. Journal of Endourology. 14(7): 547-550, 2000 Sept.

M.J. Weir, R.J.D’A. Honey. Complete Infundibular obliteration following percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Journal of Urology. 161(4):1274-5, 2000 Apr.

Grants currently held

Investigators: A. Logan, J. Honey, K. Siminovitch, A. Pierratos, S. Bull
Title: Role of thiazide receptor gene in primary hypertension.
Granting Agency: Heart and Stroke Foundation

Investigators: K.S. Kamel & M. Halperin Clinical.
Title: Clinical studies on pathogenesis of recurrent kidney stones.
Granting Agency: Physicians Services Incoprotated Foundation

Investigators: A. Logan, J. Honey, D. Cole, A. Pierratos
Title: Calcium sensing receptor gene in kidney stone disease.
Granting Agency: Kidney Foundation of Canada

Investigators: R. John D’A. Honey
Title: Lithotripsy Stone Database Development.
Granting Agency: St. Michael's Hospital