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Endurology Fellowship

The fellowship program is a fully funded, comprehensive training program in endourology. The usual fellowship follows a one-year program, but a two-year fellowship, combined with a Master’s degree in clinical epidemiology, is an option. The fellowship is designed for those who have completed an accredited urology residency program and who wish to pursue subspecialty training in endourology.

The lithotripsy program is one of the largest in the world, treating more than 2500 cases per year. A new lithotripter will be installed with both X-ray and ultrasound capabilities to allow fellows to be trained in ultrasound of the upper urinary tract and localization of stones during lithotripsy. In addition, fellows gain experience with a high volume of percutaneous access, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, and ureteroscopy. A wide range of rigid and flexible ureteroscopes, baskets, graspers, and a Holmium laser for intracorporeal lithotripsy are available.

Fellows can expect to master all aspects of the diagnosis, investigation, treatment and follow-up of endourologic conditions, including urolithiasis, obstruction and cancer.

For more information about our Endourology Fellowship, visit the Endourology Society site: Endourology Fellowship Website.