COVID-19 information for patients and families

To help protect our people, patients and communities, we are screening everyone who enters our main hospital buildings. Some of our entrances may be closed or have reduced access.

Please check our COVID-19 information page for more updates before coming to our sites.

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What is telemedicine?

An appointment has been made for you to see a nephrologist (kidney doctor) from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Since it is too far to travel, your nephrologist has asked to book a telemedicine visit. A telemedicine appointment is just like an in-person clinic visit; except you and your nephrologist will talk to each other through the TV screen. This special telemedicine equipment is available in your local hospital or family health team. A nurse who has been trained in telemedicine will be with you during this visit.

How is telemedicine booked?

You will receive a phone call from the Ontario Telemedicine Network. They will tell you when and where you need to go for your telemedicine visit.