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Do I have to wear a hospital gown?

In a lot of cases, wearing a gown is necessary because many things can show up on your film and obscure or cover pertinent information: coins, zippers, keys and sometimes plastic buttons, wallets, cards etc.

Can you tell me what you see on the film?

The technologist cannot legally discuss films with you as they do not have the training or expertise to read the films and diagnose your particular ailment. Their specialty is to ensure the best picture, and best representation of your anatomy and pathology. Radiologists read and report the films most often the same day of your examination, and the report is mailed to your referring physician within the next two days. It is frustrating to wait for results, however we make every effort to ensure the highest quality examinations with as little waiting time as possible.

Does it hurt?

No. You will not feel anything during the exposure. It will be the same as having your picture taken with a regular camera.