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Medical Imaging

Ultrasound > Patient Walkthrough

  1. Report to the Ultrasound Reception Desk.
  2. You will be asked to wait in the ultrasound waiting room for the next available technologist.
  3. The technologist will call you from the waiting room and ask you to change from your clothes into a hospital gown.
  4. A water-soluble gel is put on your skin to allow for a good contact between the skin and probe.
  5. The ultrasound probe or transducer will be passed over your skin amd an image will appear on the ultrasound monitor.
  6. After all the images are acquired, the technologist will step out of the room to review them with the radiologist.
  7. You will be asked to remain in the ultrasound room until the technologist has approval to let you go.
  8. A report will either be sent to your doctor or given to you if you have an appointment to see your doctor after the ultrasound.
  9. The technologist cannot discuss any of the ultrasound findings or report with you.