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Nuclear Medicine > Exams & Procedures > CSF - Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunt Patency Scan

This test will evaluate the proper flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the shunt system.

The scan involves the injection of a radioactive tracer into the shunt reservoir by the nuclear medicine doctor. Pictures will be taken to follow the path of the tracer through the shunt.


  • Bring a list of all medications and supplements you take. This includes vitamins, herbal remedies, and holistic medications.
  • Do not bring children or pregnant women with you to the department. We do not want to expose them to unnecessary radiation.
  • Any of these procedures is subject to change according to the nuclear medicine physician. The duration of the tests is a rough estimate. Please be aware that the time may be lengthened if a scan has to be repeated, if emergency cases are brought to the department or due to unforeseen circumstances.

About the Procedure

  • This procedure takes about one hour with the possibility of additional pictures, two hours after the injection, depending on the tracer flow.
  • A technologist will briefly explain the test to you and try to answer any questions you may have about the procedure.
  • A technologist will ask you a few questions about your medical history and medications.
  • The nuclear medicine doctor will prepare the injection site by shaving some hair from the shunt reservoir site and cleaning the area.
  • The nuclear medicine doctor will inject the tracer into the shunt reservoir.
  • Pictures will be taken to follow the flow of the tracer through the shunt for about one hour.
  • Delayed pictures may be required if the flow is slow. These pictures are usually taken two hours after the injection.