Medical Imaging

Interventional Radiology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is interventional radiology?

Interventional radiology is a test which allows doctors/radiologist to view the blood vessels in various parts of the body to look for abnormalities.

How long do I have to stay at the hospital?

This depends on the procedure you're having done. It you look under the specific test, you'll get a better idea of the length of the procedure.

Does the test take long?

Each test varies in length. Refer to specific test for length of stay.

Can I go home alone?

You will be advised of this at the time of your appointment.

Can I drive myself?

As long as you haven't had any pain medication or an arterial (angiogram) puncture, then yes, you can drive yourself.

Do I have to stop my medications on the day of the test?

When your appointment is booked, you will be informed which medication needs to be stopped.