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Medical Imaging

CT (CAT) Scan

What To Expect


Please arrive 15 minutes early in order to register for your exam. Our receptionists at the medical imaging desk will enter your information into our registration system, and inform the technologist that you have arrived.


  • No food or drink four hours prior to the exam time. You may be required to drink contrast media one hour prior to the CT Examination.
  • Diabetic patients currently taking metformin (glucophage) must have a serum creatinine blood test completed one to five days prior to your CT appointment. Failure to do so will result in a delay of the CT examination. Patients taking any other medication for treatment of diabetes are unaffected.
  • Medications may be taken with a small amount of water.
  • Physicians requesting an earlier appointment date must fax additional medical history and diagnosis to 416-864-3031 to support the request.
  • To reschedule or cancel an appointment, please telephone 416-864-5657.

**Please be advised that cancellation of appointments is discouraged. Due to the high volume of requests a longer waiting period may result.**

We do not keep a cancellation list.

CT Scan Room

When you enter the CT scan room, you will be asked to lie on the CT table. If you need an intravenous, the technologist will start one at this time. The technologist will explain the procedure to you, instruct you on holding still, breathing, and any sensations you may experience. Once you are correctly positioned you will be asked to relax and not move. Positioning straps may be placed to ensure proper position is maintained through the scan. The technologist will leave the room and begin the scanning procedure from the computer console.

The technologist can see and hear you at all times, and can communication with you via the intercom.

Preliminary scans are completed. No intravenous contrast is required for these scans. The technologist uses the preliminary scans to set up the rest of the exam and this may take a couple of minutes. When the technologist is satisfied with the scanning parameters, you will be informed that the scan will begin. At this time the intravenous contrast will be injected if needed. Depending upon the type of scan, the table may move in increments or one continuous movement. The total examination time is usually less than 15 minutes. The technologist will check on you after the scan is completed, and remove the intravenous if one was started. You may leave the scan room at this time and return to normal activities unless otherwise instructed. The technologist will give you easy to follow instructions if required.


After you leave, the images are transferred to workstations where they are manipulated and reviewed by the radiologist. A report is sent to your referring physician about five to ten days following your scan.