Medical Imaging


Angiography is the study of blood vessels and organs by injecting contrast media (X-ray dye) into arteries or veins and taking pictures as the contrast media flows through these blood vessels. For certain disease processes, we are able to offer treatment in the angio suite rather than sending our patients to the operating rooms. This group of procedures is termed "interventional procedures".

The angiography department has two new angiography rooms for body angiography and a dedicated room for neuro-diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Our angiography team consists of interventional radiologists, specially trained in their field, nurses, medical radiation technologists, clerical and assistant staff. The angiography department interacts with most areas of the hospital. We provide a wide range of diagnostic and interventional services. As an example, some of the specialities we are involved with are the HHT program, uterine fibroid embolization and the stroke program.

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