COVID-19 information for patients and families

To help protect our people, patients and communities, we are screening everyone who enters our main hospital buildings. Some of our entrances may be closed or have reduced access.

Please check our COVID-19 information page for more updates before coming to our sites.

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Department of Family and Community Medicine and St. Michael’s Academic Family Health Team

Services: Chiropody

 Service available at:

Chiropodists are health professionals who specialize in feet and ankles. We:

  • help prevent injury and disability
  • promote proper foot health and overall well-being.

Our chiropodists work with your health-care team and offer care in the clinic.

We work with other staff to:

  • plan how to treat your feet or ankles
  • treat your feet or ankles
  • manage serious problems with your feet or ankles
  • help diabetic patients care for their feet
  • treat complex wounds

How to make an appointment

Speak with your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner who will make a referral to us and we will call to book an appointment.