Clinics & Inpatient Care Units

Addiction Services

People with addictions are welcome at all St. Michael’s Hospital services. The inner city health program offers some specific services that may be of interest to people with addictions.

  • The Health Centre at 410 Sherbourne can provide addiction counsellors and with the rest of the team, advise you on treatment options.
  • The emergency department offers a 24 hours per day, seven days per week needle exchange for injection drug users. This program is unique to the hospital.
  • Withdrawal management (“detox”) services are available upon self or health provider referral. The Toronto Withdrawal Management Services System central access number (1-866-366-9513) is your connection to day, community and residential withdrawal management services. Centres provide non-medical withdrawal services; medications will not be prescribed
  • The level 2 nursery neo-natal intensive care unit is available to babies born to mothers living with an addiction.
  • General internal medicine offers inpatient care for people living with addictions and experiencing medical health issues.