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Pituitary tumours: Types of tumours and symptoms

Prolactin-producing tumours (Prolactinomas)

Abnormal secretion of breast milk (galactorrhea)
Figure 2: Abnormal secretion of breast milk (galactorrhea)

Prolactin-producing tumours make too much of a hormone called ”prolactin”. These tumours are called “prolactinomas.”

Women with a prolactinoma may:

  • stop having their menstrual period
  • produce some breast milk (a condition called “galactorrhea”, see Figure 2)
  • become infertile (unable to have babies)

Men with a prolactinoma may:

  • get headaches
  • have problems with sexual desire or function
  • lose peripheral vision (off to the sides) and only see straight forward.

Medicine can reverse these effects. Prolactinomas respond to medicine and rarely need surgery.


Page last updated: November 22, 2016