Pituitary Innovation and Teaching

Mood-related symptoms

Image showing range of moodsHow can a pituitary tumour affect my mood?

Because some of these tumours affect the hormones in your body, they can cause changes in your mood or emotions.

For example, some people with Cushing’s disease can feel like crying all the time, sad, empty, anxious, grouchy, angry, worried, and scared.

The mood changes that may happen depend on:

  • the type of tumour
  • how the tumour is affecting your hormones
  • its size

People with pituitary tumours may:

  • have trouble focusing
  • not be aware of things around them
  • feel unsatisfied or hopeless
  • feel restless and not be able to sit still
  • not want to start or follow through with plans
  • feel like nothing is important anymore
  • have a lower interest in sex
  • have very big changes in mood

People with small tumours that do not affect hormone levels may not notice any change in mood or it may be difficult to put down the mood changes to the tumour.. But some changes in your moods can be due to the stress of just knowing that you have a pituitary tumour. These feelings can affect your social life and how you relate to others.



Page last updated: Novmeber 22, 2016