Pituitary Innovation and Teaching

After discharge from surgery

If you have had surgery: On average, patients stay in the hospital for two to four days after surgery. Once doctors are happy with your course in hospital, your will be discharged home. A family member should arrange to take you home before 11 a.m.

The nurses will teach you:

  • how to rinse your nose with salt water on a daily basis,
  • explain the follow-up plans and appointments
  • provide a discharge summary for your family doctor
  • go over “dos and don’t’s”
  • the following appointments for after surgery should be made by the staff on the neurosurgical floor:
    • one to twoweeks – you should see your family doctor
    • two to three weeks  - ENT – appointment with nose specialist   
    • three to four weeks - Endocrinologist appointment
    • four weeks – Visual tests and ophthalmologist
    • four to six weeks MRI
    • six to eight weeks – neurosurgeon appointment    
    • Longer term – usually follow-up with your endocrinologist and neuro-ophthalmologist as determined at your last checkup


Page last updated: November 22, 2016