Onsite services


The Marketeria is a 200-seat self-serve restaurant located on the sixth floor of the hospital's Cardinal Carter wing. Opened in 1997, the Marketeria offers a mixed menu, including hot breakfast from our grill, fresh made-to-order sandwiches, and a wide selection of Open Window Bakery goods. The hot menu changes daily and features pastas, fish and main entrees from all over the world, prepared by our chef Desmond Morritt. The decor is attractive with recorded music and you can drop in to hear impromptu piano players. Bet you've never seen a baby grand in any other hospital cafeteria. Enjoy comfortable seating and a relaxed atmosphere.

NOTE: Morrison Retail, part of Compass One Healthcare, is proud to be the new retail provider for St. Michael’s Hospital! We look forward to bringing you exciting culinary offerings that will provide you great food and selection.
The Catering department has a new cell phone number. It is 416-666-1141.

Marketeria hours

Monday to Friday: 6:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Weekends and holidays: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Breakfast: 7 - 10:30 a.m.
Lunch (grill station, hot table and pasta station): 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Take out: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Daily specials

Monday, Nov. 5

Breakfast - Bacon and cheddar croissant
Kettle meal - Chicken leek and rice soup
Kettle meal - Mushroom barley soup
Chef's table - Spice-rubbed chicken leg with garlic mashed potatoes
Chef's table - Seasoned, crusted roast beef
Chef's table - Chicken legs in creole sauce
Fresh grill - Deluxd Greek turkey burger
Menutainment - Create your own pasta bar with choice of sauce, noodle, protein and vegetables
Pizza - Pesto chicken on flat bread

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Breakfast - Sriracha, steak and egg breakfast wrap
Kettle meal - Cream of mushroom soup
Kettle meal - Mulligatawny soup
Chef's table - Meatloaf, herbed roasted potatoes, glazed carrots
Chef's table - Chickpea and vegetable curry, with beef goulash
Chef's table - Chicken fajitas with a tortilla wrap
Fresh grill - Southwestern grilled chicken sandwich with avocado
Menutainment - Create your own stir fry with your choice of sauce, rice or noodles, protein and vegetables
Pizza - California pizza

Wednesday, Nov. 7

Breakfast - Omelet muffins – cheese, spinach and tomato OR bacon and cheese with fresh fruit salad
Kettle meal - Italian avgolemono
Kettle meal - Chicken coconut curry
Chef's table - Homemade beef and rustic vegetable stew, served in sourdough bowl
Chef's table - Homemade vegetable stew, served in a sourdough bowl
Chef's table - Beef stir fry with a sesame seed chicken cutlet
Fresh grill - Slow roasted beef brisket, served with dijon on a fresh artisan bread and au jus
Menutainment - Build your own burrito with your choice of toppings
Pizza - Cheeseburger and skillet mushroom flatbread pizza

Thursday, Nov. 8

Breakfast - Sunrise breakfast croissant - healthy option egg white only and turkey bacon or sausage
Kettle meal - Black bean soup
Kettle meal - Italian wedding soup
Chef's table - Turkey pie, topped with sweet & red potato mash & gravy
Chef's table - Spinach and swiss cheese quiche
Chef's table - Spaghetti meat sauce with garlic bread
Fresh grill - Slow-roasted pulled pork served on a fresh egg bun with wasabi slaw
Fresh grill - Three-cheese grilled cheese
Menutainment - Create your own pasta with your choice of noodle, sauce, protein and vegetables
Pizza - Asparagus and prosciutto

Friday, Nov. 9

Breakfast - Everything bagel with light cream cheese and fresh local preserves
Kettle meal - Local carrot and tarragon soup
Kettle meal - Split pea and ham soup
Chef's table - Steam-whistle fish and chips, served with fresh cuts and homemade garden slaw
Chef's table - Eggplant parmesan, served with garlic toast
Chef's table - Fried chicken legs
Fresh grill - Grilled chipotle chicken breast sandwich, topped with balsamic onion and sharp Canadian cheese
Menutainment - Create your own stir fry with your choice of sauce, rice or noodles, protein and vegetables