Working Here

Nursing at St. Michael's

Ella FerrisA Message from Ella Ferris, Chief Nursing Executive

Nurses who work at St. Michael's are passionate about professional nursing that promotes excellence in nursing practice, research and education. St. Michael's is grounded in a rich tradition of mission and core values that permeates professional nursing practice with the ultimate goal of enhancing professional nursing service to ensure the delivery of safe, quality health care for all.

As nurses at St. Michael's, you are well trained, knowledgeable and skilled to provide exemplary care to patients and their families. You were called to the profession of nursing driven by a desire to help, to give to your community. Each and every day you demonstrate this commitment as you serve in all areas of nursing.

Regardless of the practice setting - in the outpatient clinics, the community, the emergency room, intensive care units, operating rooms or on the general medical and surgery units - you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your patients. You educate patients so that they may make healthy choices based on their unique health status and you support them along the continuum of care.

Our nursing vision is "Nursing Excellence through the Culture of Caring, Innovation and Scholarship."

My commitment to you is to work with you to create a healthy work environment that will support you in achieving this vision. St. Michael's needs your voice and your individual and collective involvement to reach this goal.

If you are a nurse at St. Michael's, I wish to thank and acknowledge you for your dedication and commitment to excellence in patient care, education and research. You are a valued member of the hospital community.

If you are seeking employment as a registered nurse, I invite you to learn more about St. Michael's and the many opportunities for growth and learning in your chosen profession.