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Our RN Performance Appraisal System

picture of nurse with doctorsDeveloping and enhancing employee skills are vital to making St. Michael's Hospital a great place to work. Having a standardized performance appraisal system for all registered nurses is one important step in this process.

The hospital's performance review tool for RNs is competency-based and has been designed to support the College of Nurses annual quality assurance requirements and is based on a model of self-reflective practice.

Along with maintaining the requirements for RN registration, the performance review process promotes learning and continuous professional development by helping RNs to:

  • Analyze their own nursing practice
  • Reflect on where they are in terms of their own professional development
  • Receive meaningful feedback from their manager and peers about their performance
  • Create a learning plan to identify areas for growth not only to meet their professional standards but to achieve an expert level of practice