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Summer 2018 enewsletter

Subject: Happy summer!


We hope you are all enjoying the long, warm summer days. Many of you are more active in the summer months, which is all the more reason not to neglect your factor concentrate prophylaxis (and don’t forget to enter your infusions in MyCBDR). If you are planning a summer vacation, remember to call ahead to order enough factor product to cover your trip. Also, if you will be flying or crossing an international border with factor concentrate and infusion supplies, we suggest that you carry a “travel letter” with you, to help avoid unnecessary delays. We can provide you with a travel letter on request.

One important summer job that we share is to finish the necessary product switches for those of you who are currently using Alprolix or Eloctate. As you know by now, these products will no longer be carried in the CBS inventory as of September. But there are alternative state-of-the-art factor VIII and IX concentrates that are equally safe and effective. We think having choices is important, but it can also be confusing. If you are still undecided about which product will best suit your needs, call for a clinic appointment and we will help guide you to a choice that will work well for you. Our goal is to enable you to maintain your regular treatment schedule with little or no change and with minimal inconvenience.

The Hemophilia Clinic will continue to operate on a full schedule over the summer.

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