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January 2018 enewsletter

Subject: Living With Hemophilia & Canadian Blood Services

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Happy New Year! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season.

Physical Activity

Often January brings thoughts of New Year’s resolutions and many resolutions revolve around increasing physical activity. To that end, we wanted to pass along the following resource regarding physical activity for people with hemophilia:

Living With Hemophilia’s Fitness & Exercise

Living With Hemophilia’s Fitness & Exercise webpage provides useful information about the importance of being active for people with hemophilia. It also offers helpful advice on how to choose the right kinds of activity including the Top 10 Activities Recommended by Doctors and the Top 10 Riskiest Sports as well as information on choosing activities for children and older adults.

One of the recommended activities is walking, so you may also wish to check out the Dr Mike Evans video on walking for a reminder of the health benefits of walking:

23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

Canadian Blood Services

As you know, the Canadian Blood Services, which operates the blood system in all provinces other than Quebec, recently announced changes to the factor VIII and IX concentrates that they will make available for at least the next 2 years. This will make it necessary for some of you to change to a different factor VIII or IX product. HemaQuebec, the operator of the blood system in Quebec, has just gone through a similar process, the result of which is that Nuwiq and Zonovate will be the factor VIII concentrates available for hemophilia A patients in that province. This will require all hemophilia A patients in Quebec to switch from their current products (Xyntha or Advate) over the coming year. This switch does not affect any patients resident outside Quebec; we are drawing this to your attention just for your information. The existing contract with the manufacturer of the factor IX concentrate Rixubis for hemophilia B patients in Quebec is still in force.

Research at St. Michael’s Hospital

St. Michael’s Hospital participates in a number of research studies related to bleeding disorders.  Some of these studies are clinical trials, which are led by pharmaceutical companies to evaluate new treatments in specific patient groups.  Currently, we are working to open three trials at St. Michael’s Hospital looking at new treatments for patients with hemophilia A or B meeting a specific set of requirements for participation.

In addition to treatment trials, our team leads a number of projects to better understand specific bleeding disorders and how they affect our patients. This includes, but is not limited to, projects related to hemophilia, hemophilia carriership and von Willebrand disease.  We believe these projects are important as they will add to the body of knowledge currently available to the scientific community and our patients.  In doing so, we hope to continue to strive for excellence in the care offered to patients with bleeding disorders across Canada.

Consider participating in research. Your participation is necessary to help advance our knowledge of bleeding disorders. For further information on participating in a research study, call the clinic at 416-864-5129.

Thanks for reading and all the best for 2018,
The St Michael’s Hemophilia Team