Neuroscience Research Program


Neurovascular Training

Where are our Trainees?

Map of trainee locations

The neurovascular program at St. Michael’s Hospital trains residents and fellows from around the world to become academic leaders in neurovascular disease. Many have returned to their home institutions where in many cases they maintain collaborations with our team at St. Michael’s Hospital. We also train medical students, residents and fellows in neurovascular research at all levels from preclinical translational to clinical research and knowledge translation. They have obtained all levels of graduate degrees.

For more information about neurovascular training visit the interventional neuroradiology fellowship page.

Critical Care Training

This program has been designed to offer physicians the opportunity to study critical care in a Canadian academic institution. St. Michael's Hospital’s International Fellowship program aims to provide first-class teaching in clinical practice, education and research

Clinical practice in critical care is centred around the concept of evidence-based medicine, using standardization of care and quality of care policies. Evidence-based medicine is then combined with experience-based practice resulting from a multidisciplinary approach. This concept of a multidisciplinary decision-making system exemplifies what can be achieved by a team that includes multi-caregivers. The approach is common to our four specialty intensive care units.

Trauma Neuro Intensive Care Unit (TN ICU)

The TN ICU has developed a field of excellence in brain injury, neurosurgery and multisystem trauma, allowing fellows to learn in one of the most advanced centres in Canada.

Collaborative Program in Neuroscience

The neuroscience research program at St. Michael's Hospital is a proud sponsor of the collaborative program in neuroscience.

Collaborative Program in Neuroscience