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Donna Ouchterlony


Department of Family and community Medicine, University of Toronto

Department of medicine Division of Physical Medicne and Rehabiliatation,

Research Interests

Improving Patient Care, Traumatic Brain Injury

Contact Information

Phone: 416-864-6060 ext. 6359

Topolovec-Vranic, J., Pollmann-Mudryj, M.A., Ouchterlony, D., Klein, D., Spence, J., Romaschin, A., Rhind, S., Tien, H.C., Baker, A.J. (2011). The value of serum biomarkers in prediction models of outcome after mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care, 71(5) Nov Suppl 1: S478-S486.

Baker, A.J., Topolovec-Vranic, J., Michalak, A., Pollmann-Mudryj, M.A., Ouchterlony, D., Cheung, B., Tien, H.C., (2011). Controlled blast exposure during forced explosive entry training and mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care. 71(5) Nov Suppl 1: S472-S477.

Topolovec-Vranic, J., Michalak, A., Andrews, M., Bhalerao, S., Cullen, N., Cusimano, M.D., Masanic, C., Ouchterlony, D. (2010) Evaluation of an online cognitive behavioural therapy program by patients with traumatic brain injury and depression. Brain Injury 24(5):762-72.

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Ouchterlony, D., Cullen N, Masanic C, Michalak A, Kennedy K, and Rutka J Dizziness in the MTBI Population Brain Injury 2005. May; 19 (Suppl 1) 19: 619

1. Exploring the link between traumatic brain injury and homelessness.
2. Developing a traumatic brain injury/concussion registry.
3. Evaluation of the Guidelines for MTBI and Persistent Symptoms.
4. Defining the incidence of Headache and Fatigue in MTBI patients
5. Sports concussions in Adolescents

Students can participate in any of my research projects.