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April 17 New cardiac arrest research -- adrenaline does little to increase survival
April 17 Canadians support screening newborns for specific genetic conditions, but less enthusiastic about sequencing newborns’ genomes
April 17 Study finds adverse respiratory outcomes for older people with COPD taking benzodiazepines
April 15 Teenagers who have had a concussion also have higher rates of suicide attempts, being bullied and high-risk behavior, study finds
April 15 Dr. Shelley Boyd to open Canada’s first dry age-related macular degeneration clinic at St. Michael’s
April 15 Changes to guidelines for pregnancy drug suggested
April 7 Daily serving of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils can significantly reduce bad cholesterol
April 7 Neighbourhood planning, ethnic backgrounds play significant roles in Peel’s high diabetes rates
April 4 St. Michael’s KT team asked to help implement WHO maternal guidelines
April 3 New nurses and students benefit from preceptor program
April 2 CIBC Breast Centre benefitting from more structured model of care in its clinic
April 1 Environmental Services first department to raise funds for St. Michael’s 3.0
March 28 Underweight people at as high risk of dying as obese people, new study finds
March 27 Gift shop donation improves comfort for hemodialysis patients
March 25 Strictly limiting hours surgical residents can work has not improved patient safety and may impede their training, study says
March 25 Bariatric surgery: Changing lives by improving health
March 24 The Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation donates $5 million for new respirology unit
March 21 Homeless people who have suffered traumatic brain injury more likely to visit Emergency Department or to be arrested or assaulted, new study finds
March 11 New anesthetic technique improves quality of recovery for women having breast cancer surgery
March 10 St. Michael’s storeys: building hematology 3.0
March 10 Pre-admission facility to get new home
March 10 Brainstorming in Dr. Andrew Baker’s lab
March 7 Parents can spring ahead to help kids with daylight saving time
March 7 After years of improving, rates of youth suicide-related behaviours stopped declining
March 5 A passport to pregnancy
March 4 CAHO celebrates ARTIC at St. Michael’s
March 3 Small steps lead to a faster recovery for colorectal surgery patients
February 28 Q&A: Patricia Daniels, case manager, Catheterization Laboratory
February 26 Toronto researchers adapt World Health Organization tool to measure the health and well-being of the city’s neighbourhoods
February 26 Research shows fructose itself not responsible for increase in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
February 24 St. Michael’s Dr. Samir Gupta part of the team awarded a national network grant for chronic respiratory disease research
February 21 ‘Carrot and stick’ approach puts heart patients in control
February 19 Research project finds residents who moved directly from old housing to new housing at Regent Park feel safer, more connected to the community
February 18 Government implements St. Michael’s research on use of blood glucose test strips
February 10 St. Michael’s family shines at the Olympics
February 10 Researchers call for more study into impact of repetitive heading in soccer
February 6 St. Michael’s Neurologist part of group that wrote American Heart Association guidelines for preventing strokes in women
February 5 St. Michael’s doctor lands in Sochi
February 4 Q&A: June Son, chaplain, Spiritual Care
January 31 New study finds no reason to replace fructose with glucose
January 28 St. Michael’s nurse helps patients butt out
January 24 St. Michael’s home to Canada’s first-ever Human Eye Biobank for Research
January 21 Large amounts of folic acid shown to promote growth of breast cancer in rats
January 20 NHL teams pay more than $650 million to injured players over three years: Concussions the most expensive
January 17 Muhammad Mamdani recipient of $1 million Dorothy Pitts chair
January 15 Living in densely populated neighbourhoods can actually decrease risk of diabetes and obesity
January 15 Parental leave policies best promote gender equity and well-being in women’s health, research finds
January 14 Giving the flu a dose of its own medicine
January 13 St. Michael’s involves physicians, staff in funding action plans
January 8 1,200 days and counting
January 1 Tripling tobacco taxes worldwide would avoid 200 million tobacco deaths