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May 24 Obesity rising in least walkable Ontario neighbourhoods; highly walkable areas see drop in diabetes
May 18 Refugee children’s academic outcomes similar to non-refugee peers despite learning challenges: review
May 17 The space kids
May 16 Grateful patient makes piano donation possible to hospital's Marketeria
May 13 St. Michael’s librarian leading project to send educational health books to First Nation children
May 13 Researchers find more ambulance calls in areas with lots of licensed alcohol establishments; calls peak at the end of the month; assaults linked to last call
May 13 Q&A with Sherra Solway
May 10 Helping COPD patients breathe easier
May 8 Cardiac arrest survivor and grateful patient raises $15,000 to benefit St. Michael’s cardiac departments
May 3 Connected care: St. Michael’s launches new pediatric development clinic
May 2 Resuscitation in Motion: conference fosters collaboration between today’s scientists and the next generation
April 29 New donor-funded washroom in Palliative Care Unit adds comfort for visiting family and friends
April 28 Dr. Andrew Baker receives Lifetime Achievement Award
April 27 A gem of a night for Creative Works Studio
April 27 Study finds high death rate among people who are or have been incarcerated
April 26 Anaphylaxis training coming to simulation centre
April 22 St. Michael’s staff take part in the 20-Minute Makeover
April 22 St. Michael’s physician celebrates 10th year of carbon strike
April 22 Organ recipients with previous cancers linked to higher death rates, death from cancer and new malignancies than those with no history of cancer
April 21 Concussions and culture – how to reduce the number of traumatic brain injuries in youth ice hockey
April 21 NICU initiative gives parents opportunity to play larger role in newborns’ care
April 19 Researchers improve identification of women at high risk of pre-eclampsia
April 15 Practice does not always make perfect – what surgeons can learn from other industries
April 14 Working with northern Ontario communities to improve concussion care
April 13 Dr. Prabhat Jha receives CIHR Trailblazer Award
April 13 Lipids may know you have diabetes before your blood sugar does
April 12 St. Michael’s achieves Canadian first during transseptal heart surgery
April 11 More male babies than expected being born to Indian-born women living in Canada, two research papers find
April 8 Many ICU patients trade their critical illness for new and debilitating illness, ICU-acquired weakness
April 6 Women with unhealthy BMIs who smoke and drink at two-fold higher risk of asthma: worldwide study
April 5 Gamblers Anonymous associated with progress, could benefit from more combined approach: literature review
April 4 Medical student’s painting shows similarities between humans and nature
April 1 St. Michael’s sets quality improvement priorities for 2016-17
March 31 Two-fold higher risk of concussions for NFL players during colder game-days, study finds
March 30 Eating beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils may help lose weight and keep it off
March 28 Developing emergency medicine from scratch in Ethiopia
March 24 Relocation for renovation: a makeover for the hospital’s reprocessing department
March 22 Q&A with Galo Meliton
March 18 Treating the other side of depression
March 17 Acetaminophen “no better than placebo” at managing long-term osteoarthritis pain
March 16 Stronger measures needed to deter use of cough and cold medicine in young children
March 15 Holder of first university chair in suicide research in North America bringing together international experts in biomarkers, social risk factors for suicide
March 14 Literature review finds Canadians in jails and prisons have poor health
March 10 Making sense of mental health through mindfulness
March 8 Voices through vocals: Creative Works Studio music group releases debut album
March 8 Testing new ways to screen for loss of sensation in diabetic patients
March 7 Family information cards answer vital patient questions
March 4 New initiative helps Emergency Department reduce number of CT scans
March 3 Weak in the knees? New pain relief technique for ACL knee surgery preserves muscle strength, improves patient safety
March 2 St. Michael’s working on test to diagnose Parkinson’s disease
March 1 Study suggests lower-income Ontario seniors less likely to access newly approved drugs
March 1 Kick-start healthier eating this month
February 29 Study finds no link between insomnia and cholesterol levels, except for people with insomnia who take sleeping pills
February 26 Study finds 36 per cent increase in number of male smokers in India
February 24 Brain gain: first Labatt Chair Visiting Professor in International Neurosurgical Education
February 23 Small but mighty
February 22 Global study of ICU patients finds 10 per cent have often-fatal Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
February 18 Children breastfeeding after first birthday should take vitamin D supplements, study says
February 29 Emergency Department reopens
February 12 Alert - Potential fraud
February 9 A studio fit for a queen, or her representatives
February 5 St. Michael’s doctor develops skills test for surgical residents
February 2 Researchers call for investment in cancer control in low- and middle-income countries where most of the world’s cancer deaths occur
February 1 Basic science disappearing from medical journals, study finds
January 28 Refugee women at higher risk of preterm birth, study finds
January 26 iBEST and Biomedical Zone projects and bios
January 26 Ryerson University partners its science, engineering strengths with research and clinical expertise at St. Michael’s Hospital’s to develop innovative health-care solutions
January 22 Fast-tracking patient care at 27 kilometres an hour
January 19 Students show off what they learned during their co-op at St. Michael’s Hospital
January 18 Living in highrise buildings associated with lower survival rates from cardiac arrests, study finds, recommending more AEDs, better access for first responders
January 14 Scar Wars: A new hope
January 14 Zika virus, possibly linked to birth defects, has potential to spread rapidly through the Americas, researchers say
January 12 Taking the ramp less travelled
January 8 New name badges offer more personal patient experience in General Internal Medicine
January 7 Solid organ transplant patients three times more likely to die of cancer, increased risk in children: Ontario study
January 5 Study finds cerebrovascular disease to be major determinant of psychosis in patients with Alzheimer’s disease