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May 25 ED doctors stress need for good communications with police
May 25 From constantly coughing to clearer lungs: a CF patient’s journey on a new treatment
May 22 CF Awareness Month: improving patients’ lives, one step at a time
May 16 Dr. Stephen Betschel was lead author of new Canadian guidelines for management of rare disease hereditary angioedema
May 15 Q&A with nurse practitioner Jean Wilson
May 14 Clinical consultants build on nursing experience for St. Michael’s 3.0
May 13 Nurses connect the dots between data and better patient care
May 12 Loud and clear: Teach-Back enriches nurse-patient communication
May 8 Telemedicine program at St. Michael’s eliminating barriers to care
May 7 Dr. Elizabeth Tullis of St. Michael’s Hospital appointed to Cystic Fibrosis Canada Chair in Adult Cystic Fibrosis Research
May 6 Before 11 a.m. discharge: These units know what time it is
May 5 Ontario adults who reported a traumatic brain injury also reported more road rage than people who did not have a TBI
April 29 A hot (and cold) new concept in pain management
April 27 St. Michael’s after dark
April 24 Patient receives Human Touch Award for volunteering his time at St. Michael’s
April 22 Papers identify effective and cost-effective treatments for complex wounds
April 21 Toward better outcomes for aboriginal cancer patients
April 17 Q&A with Inez McKenzie
April 17 St. Michael’s breaks ground on construction project, including 17-storey tower for critically ill patients and expanded Emergency Department
April 16 Proton pump inhibitors are associated with an increased risk of acute kidney failure and acute interstitial nephritis in older patients
April 15 Patient voice: What it’s like to wait in the ED
April 15 Does home care serve men and women equally?
April 14 Parents’ country of origin influences risk of stillbirth
April 13 St. Michael’s surgeon receives Canada Research Chair
April 13 Mental rehearsal helps ER clinicians best prepare for trauma patients
April 10 Going upstream to improve health
April 7 Resident wellness top of mind at St. Michael’s
April 1 St. Michael’s sets quality improvement priorities for 2015-16
March 31 'Gold standard' for pain relief after shoulder surgery may not be 24 karat
March 27 5 minutes with Dana Whitham
March 25 CELTIC to raise the profile of laboratory testing
March 23 Study may identify new cause of brain bleeds in fetuses and newborns
March 23 Greater wealth equals better health for most Canadian moms and their newborns
March 20 Q&A with Ann Leung
March 18 Study may explain low blood oxygen levels for cystic fibrosis patients with infected lungs
March 17 Ready, set, recycle
March 13 New drug trial puts possible stroke treatment in the hands of paramedics
March 12 Infection control forms the foundation of St. Michael’s redevelopment project
March 9 Making multiple sclerosis treatment personal
March 6 Oncologists praise gene expression profiling tests as a decision-making tool for women with early-stage breast cancer but also have significant reservations
March 4 New information desk saves time and energy
March 3 Homeless people with mental illness have more stable housing when given rent supplement and case management support
February 6 What’s good for the heart is good for the brain
February 27 Call me maybe? One step closer to home
February 25 One in every three women could potentially be spared chronic pain after breast cancer surgery
February 25 Improving inmate health can lead to better community health and safety
February 24 Filipino newcomers to Canada diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age and with more aggressive cancer, study finds
February 23 Homeless people with mental illness also have significantly higher 30-year risk of serious cardiovascular disease, research finds
February 23 Fast-tracking concussion care
February 19 Is health care too important to be left to health departments?
February 17 Getting the cold, hard facts
February 11 Stroke survivors more likely to make dangerous driving errors
February 11 Researchers find new therapy benefits stroke patients
February 11 Research finds 15-fold increase in newborn opioid withdrawal in Ontario; many born to mothers with legal opioid prescriptions
February 9 Newer than new
February 6 How health-care providers are reducing the risk of alcohol use and injury
February 5 Twenty-five per cent of homeless people surveyed in Toronto report vision problems
February 3 Racism linked to illness in Indigenous peoples in Canada
February 2 Combination of popular antibiotic and cardiac medication increases risk of sudden cardiac death in older patients
January 28 Bondfield Construction selected to build 17-storey patient care tower at St. Michael’s Hospital
January 28 Communication is key to Emergency Department success, new study says
January 27 St. Michael’s Hospital and Toronto Public Library launch Reach Out and Read program to promote childhood literacy; Jan. 27 Family Literacy Day
January 26 Study finds majority of homeless adults with mental illness have high rates of cognitive deficits
January 19 Taking two for the team
January 13 Two St. Michael’s physicians appointed to Order of Canada
January 12 Four ways to survive the cold snap
January 12 Newly appointed Applied Public Health Research Chair will address gaps in Indigenous health
January 7 Ryerson University-St. Michael's Hospital dietetics training partnership boon for Ontario's health-care system
January 6 Research paper says women in prison need and want treatment for physical and sexual abuse
January 5 St. Michael’s storeys: Building surgery 3.0