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Nov. 24

Providing safe haven for mental health emergencies
Comments by Dr. Vicky Stergiopoulos
The Globe and Mail

To hear staff tell it, the emergency department of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health was a dark and dingy place before renovation work began in April, 2013.

Nov. 21

VIDEO - Syphilis: An STI on the rise
Interview with Dr. Darrell Tan
Daily Xtra

Syphilis cases are increasing significantly in many industrialized countries, and men who have sex with men are the most at-risk.

Nov. 19

Ontario crackdown is curbing prescription opioid abuse, study says
Research by Tara Gomes
The Globe and Mail

New research shows efforts to fight opioid painkiller misuse in Ontario are putting a small but important dent in the number of prescriptions provided to doctor-shoppers and others who abuse the system.

Nov. 14

Canadians with cystic fibrosis living longer than a generation ago
Research by Dr. Anne Stephenson
The Globe and Mail

Canadians with cystic fibrosis are living dramatically longer than a generation ago, to the point where CF is now considered a chronic condition, not strictly a pediatric illness.

Nov. 13

Canadians with cystic fibrosis living years longer, but many still die young
Research by Dr. Anne Stephenson
CTV's Canada AM

Canadians with cystic fibrosis are living almost 20 years longer than they did two decades ago, according to new Canadian research. But while survival is improving, the disease remains incurable and half of all patients will die young.

Nov. 12

Birth weight charts may misclassify babies of immigrants
Research by Dr. Marcelo Urquia
Fox News

The charts that doctors use when assessing a baby's birth weight should take into account the mother's ethnicity, to better predict health problems after birth, a new study from Canada suggests.

Nov. 5

The cholesterol question
Features Dr. Beth Abramson at the 14:42 mark
CBC's The Nature of Things

Cholesterol. For almost 50 years, the word has evoked fear. When people started dropping dead in alarming numbers after WWII, a massive investigation was launched, and it wasn’t long before this essential bodily substance was targeted as a primary suspect.

Nov. 4

Canada contributes more money, but no medical workers in Ebola fight
Comments by Dr. Kamran Khan
The Globe and Mail

Canada is spending another $30.5-million to fight Ebola, but Ottawa is still not answering pleas from international aid organizations for medical personnel to care for the ill in West Africa.

Nov. 3

White coat, sleepy docs
Interview with Dr. Najma Ahmed
CBC Radio

Highlights from a lively panel with the provocative title "Is a tired doctor a safe doctor" recorded live as part of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon' International Conference on Residency Education held in Toronto.

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