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March 31

Concussion protection?
Interview with Dr. Michael Cusimano
CTV News

Most hockey helmets do not do a good job of preventing concussions, a new study finds, with even the best-rated helmet not scoring well enough to significantly cut the risk of a brain injury.

March 27

Preventative surgery: Is it for everyone?
Interview with Dr. Jory Simpson
Global News

What are the risks of preventative surgery. Are there other options? Jennifer Palisoc reports.

First responders treating stroke patients
Interview with Dr. Laurie Morrison
CTV News

When you're having a stroke, seconds are precious. A new drug trial puts brain-saving medication in the hands of first responders.

March 25

MD watchdog scraps controversial methadone registry
Interview with Dr. Philip Berger
The Toronto Star

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is scrapping its controversial methadone registry, which keeps tabs on recovering addicts who take the drug.

March 24

Study could explain why some fetuses with different antigens to mother suffer brain bleeds
Research by Dr. Heyu Ni
Neuroscience News

A newly discovered bodily process in mice may explain why some human fetuses who have different antigens than their mothers suffer life-threatening brain bleeds, according to a new study.

March 23

Infant wearables: Handy tools or too much information?
Interview with Dr. Doug Campbell
The Globe and Mail

In the first few months with her infant daughter, Seraphina, Tammy Rasmussen found herself tiptoeing into her baby’s room during the night to check that she was breathing okay.

For-profit company helps doctors earn government bonuses — and patients have privacy concerns
Interview with Dr. Tara Kiran
The National Post

Susannah Hendricks is still rattled by the call. It came out of the blue and the for-profit company on the other end seemed to have access to her private health information.

March 12

Grassroots groups, labour key to fighting inequality in Toronto
Opinion by Dr. Patricia O’Campo and Amy Katz
The Toronto Star

Unions and grassroots organizations have an important role to play in fighting rampant and growing income inequality in Toronto.

March 9

GTHL bans body checking at ‘A’ level starting next season
Interview with Dr. Michael Cusimano
The Canadian Press

The Greater Toronto Hockey League will be eliminating body checking at the “A” level beginning next season. The league announced Saturday the “progressive elimination” of body checking, starting with minor bantam for the 2015-16 season.

This critical step could keep homeless people with mental illness off the streets
earch by Drs. Vicky Stergiopoulos and Stephen Hwang
The Huffington Post

It's becoming more and more clear: Providing homeless people with housing first and foremost is vital in getting them off the streets for good.

Study finds Filipinos diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age
Research by Dr. Jory Simpson
The Toronto Sun

Filipinos who move to Canada are diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age, a new study as found. They are also more likely to be diagnosed with a more aggressive form of cancer and choose a drastic mastectomy, Dr. Jory Simpson wrote in a paper published in the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.

Research on gene expression profiling tests
Research by Dr. Yvonne Bombard

Oncologists welcome gene expression profiling tests as an added tool in deciding whether women with early-stage breast cancer should have chemotherapy, a new study has found. But they have significant reservations about the cost of the test and whether it is being overused and used for the right patients.

March 5

“Housing first” approach works for homeless, study says
Research by Drs. Vicky Stergiopoulos and Stephen Hwang
The Washington Post

A new Canadian study lends backing for a commonsense approach to moving people off the street that has been used in the District and other U.S. cities since the 1990s: Ensure that the homeless receive permanent shelter first, and their chances of achieving stability will increase.

Toronto hospital program looks at employment and health
Interviews with Drs. Gary Bloch and Andrew Pinto, and Karen Tomlinson
CBC News

A new program at St. Michael's Hospital is delving into how employment may affect a person's health.

SAD science: Why winter brings us down, but won't for long
Interview with Dr. Richard Leung
CBC News

For many Canadians, winter is the season of our discontent. Fortunately, there's light at the end of a long, cold, dark tunnel. The sleep-deprived are waking up to warmer weather and brighter days, and biological rhythms will readjust.

March 4

Housing First program has success in study of homeless people with mental illness
Research by Drs. Vicky Stergiopoulos and Stephen Hwang
Medical Xpress

It sounds simple, but it appears to be working: Give homeless people financial help to find free-market rental accommodation in the community as well as mental health support services, and the success rate in ending their homelessness is far higher than with current approaches.

March 3

Alcohol-abuse risks need more attention in Canada, researchers say
Research by Dr. Suzanne Turner
CBC News

Do you drink beer, wine, coolers or other alcoholic beverages? That's a question Canadians could hear more often as doctors try to get us to think about the risks of drinking.

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