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Nov. 30

Trauma and homelessness
‌Interview with Dr. Gary Bloch
CBC Metro Morning

As we prepare for Sounds of the Season, we're talking about the underlying poverty that leaves people with no choice but to rely on food banks. Matt Galloway spoke with Dr. Gary Bloch; he is a family doctor at St. Michael's Hospital.

Nov. 23

Rick trains with ORNGE and takes a helicopter to St. Michael's
‌Rick Mercer Report
Tonight Rick goes on a helicopter training mission with ORNGE - Ontario's air ambulance brigade - and then he's off to St. Michael's Hospital where he lands on the rooftop.

Teens study whether ‘space worms’ can help treat patients with ALS
‌Interview with Dr. Jane Batt
The Toronto Star

Toronto high school students were able to send worms to space, then conducted microgravity experiments on them to study proteins associated with muscle atrophy.

Nov. 22

Toronto doctor screening for poverty using postal codes to make patients' lives better
‌Interview with Dr. Gary Bloch
CBC News

Diabetes, heart disease, mental illness and trauma — at first glance, these conditions might not appear to have much in common, but a Toronto doctor says one key trait often lies beneath them: poverty.

Nov. 21

Drug combo may cause bleeding for patients with irregular heartbeat
‌Research by Dr. Tony Antoniou

A blood-thinning medication used by people with a type of irregular heartbeat should not be taken with certain cholesterol-lowering drugs, a study suggests.

Canadian doctors seek to improve emergency health care in Ethiopia
‌Column by Dr. Lisa Puchalski Ritchie
The Huffington Post

As an emergency physician in Toronto, Canada's largest city, I am privileged to have access to the latest research evidence, medical tools and technology. I also have access to a network of professional colleagues who I can call on for advice and assistance.

Nov. 17

Study finds reasons for accumulated stress levels more complicated than thought
‌Research by Dr. Pat O'Campo
Medical Xpress

African-American and Latina women have a higher accumulated stress level than Caucasian women, but a new study found that less than half the differences could be explained by expected factors such as poverty, neighbourhoods, stress and support systems.

Patients not attached to new primary care practices receive lower quality care, research suggests
‌Research by Dr. Tara Kiran

One in six patients in Ontario does not belong to an organized primary care practice, new research suggests. These patients receive lower quality care and are more likely to be poor, urban and new immigrants, the study says.

Nov. 16

Kids who drink whole milk are leaner, researchers say
‌Research by Dr. Jonathon Maguire
The Canadian Press, via The Toronto Star

Researchers say young children who drink whole cow’s milk are leaner and have higher vitamin D levels than those who consume low-fat or skim milk.

Opioid poisoning on the rise
‌Interview with Dr. Glen Bandiera
CBC News

3 dead after possible overdose: CBC News Network speaks with the Chief of Emergency Medicine at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, about Canada's opioid problem.

Former refugee brings eye care to Syrian refugees
‌Interview with Tarek Bin Yameen and Dr. Myrna Lichter
Radio Canada International

A series of one-day eye care clinics is bringing free eye care to Syrian refugees in the province of Ontario in a project initiated by a young medical student who was a refugee himself.

Nov. 13

Canadian children now take far more mood-altering drugs, prescription count shows
‌Interview with Dr. Mina Tadrous
The National Post

Canadian doctors are increasingly medicating children with antidepressants and antipsychotics, suggests a new study experts worry is the latest sign of using drugs to achieve “behavioural control.”

Nov. 10

20% of Ontario drug-benefit recipients on prescription opioids
‌Research by Tara Gomes
CBC News

More than 20 per cent of adults on Ontario's publicly-funded drug benefit plan are taking doctor-prescribed opioids, swelling to nearly 30 per cent in some parts of the province, says a new study.

Nov. 4

A new concussion industry
‌Interview with Dr. Michael Cusimano
CBC News: The National

Concern is growing about alternative therapies for concussions. As fears about concussions grow, hundreds of clinics are profiting.

Nov. 3

Private concussion clinics called a 'Wild West' of unregulated treatment
‌Interview with Dr. Michael Cusimano
CBC News

Volunteer neurosurgeons staffing a concussion hotline 24 hours a day? There's no need for a private hotline, says Dr. Michael Cusimano, a neurosurgeon at St. Michael's Hospital, when all of the provinces already operate 24-hour telephone health hotlines.


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