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Aug. 28

Do sleep-deprived surgeons give worse care?
Research by Dr. Nancy Baxter
CBS News

Don't panic if your doctor worked into the wee hours of the night before he operates on you, new research suggests.

Aug. 27

Do tired docs give worse care? New study challenges assumptions
Research by Dr. Nancy Baxter
Yahoo! News

Going without sleep the night before does not affect the performance of doctors doing elective surgery the next morning, according to a new Ontario study that runs contrary to research demonstrating that sleep-deprived physicians pose a hazard to patients.

Could cameras in operating rooms reduce preventable medical deaths?
Interview with Dr. Teodor Grantcharov
The Washington Post

A surgeon in Toronto has built a “black box” that synchronizes a patient’s physical data with video and audio recordings of an operation, enabling doctors to review their work the same way athletes watch video of their performances. And he said he has lined up two U.S. hospital systems to take part in the first testing of the system.

Aug. 24

Opioid deaths twice as likely among male patients: study
Research by Tara Gomes
CBC News

More than one in 10 people prescribed an opioid painkiller for the first time become chronic users, say Ontario researchers who also found the men are twice as likely as women to die from causes related to the drugs.

Aug. 21

A newfound link between brain injuries and ADHD
Research by Dr. Gabriela Ilie

Toronto researchers have found a ‘significant association’ between brain injuries and ADHD—and could affect even those with mild concussions.

Aug. 20

Study reveals trend of early and preventable death among First Nations
Interview with Dr. Janet Smylie
The Globe and Mail

Members of First Nations communities are more than twice as likely to face an early and avoidable death than other Canadians, with the greatest risk faced by native women and young adults, according to a new benchmark study by Statistics Canada.

Aug. 18

Breastfeeding could significantly cut illnesses in aboriginal babies
Research by Dr. Kathryn McIsaac
CBC: The National

A new study has found that encouraging First Nations, Inuit and Métis mothers to breastfeed would be a simple way to significantly cut down the high rates of common infection — and even deaths — seen in aboriginal babies in Canada.

Aug. 17

Study shows Ontario nearing UN AIDS targets
Research by Dr. Sean Rourke
The Toronto Star

Ontario is nearing United Nations targets set to ensure an international standard of HIV treatment and to bring about the end of the AIDS epidemic, a new study suggests.

Supervised injection site proponents push on despite Harper’s opposition
Interview with Dr. Daniel Werb
The Globe and Mail

Supporters of supervised drug-injection sites, such as Vancouver’s Insite, are keeping a cautious eye on the federal election, as Stephen Harper vows to fight their expansion and questions their benefit as part of his government’s tough-on-drugs agenda.

Vitamins from A to Zinc: A reality check
Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud
CBC News

Almost 40 per cent of adults say they have taken vitamin and mineral supplements, Statistics Canada reports, but the practice may be worth rethinking, nutrition and medical experts say.

Aug. 14

Fentanyl related deaths
Interview with Comments by Tara Gomes
CBC's Metro Morning

Fentanyl is a painkiller that's increasingly being linked to deaths across Canada.David Common spoke with a drug policy researcher from St. Michael's Hospital about why fentanyl is a growing problem.

Study suggests Ontario nearing U.N. targets to help end AIDS epidemic
Research by Dr. Sean Rourke

A new study suggests Ontario is nearing ambitious United Nations targets for ending the AIDS epidemic.

Aug. 13

Kim Kardashian's paid drug ad breaks rules
Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud (starts at 2:14)
CBC's The National

The world of online celebrity and pharmaceutical advertising rules collide.

Aug. 12

Morning sickness drug and Kim Kardashian
Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud (starts at 1:45)
CBC As It Happens

Construction proceeding on St. Michael's Hospital addition
Comment by Dr. Bob Howard
Urban Toronto

Since early 2015, when the contract to construct the new 17-storey addition to St. Michael's Hospital was awarded to Bondfield Construction, there has been significant activity on the site, with shoring and excavation now well underway following the project's groundbreaking in the Spring.

Aug. 11

Fentanyl use called ‘a disaster…across Canada’
Interview with Tara Gomes
Radio Canada

Sixteen people overdosed in the western city of Vancouver yesterday and police think the drug fentanyl was involved. They suspect victims thought they were taking heroin and didn’t know it contained other toxic chemicals.

Aug. 7

Kim Kardashian endorses Canadian-made morning-sickness pills on Instagram
Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud
The National Post

Kim Kardashian has leant her formidable brand power to a Canadian-made morning-sickness drug, promoting the pill in an Instagram post that could herald a “fascinating” new form of pharmaceutical marketing.

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