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Sept. 22

Study suggests a new tool for diagnosing post-concussion syndrome
‌Research by Dr. Michael Cusimano

Repeated concussions or other mild traumatic brain injuries can lead to prolonged symptoms and impaired quality of life. Understanding the underlying cause and accurately identifying post-concussion syndrome, a common medical condition that develops after head trauma, is not a simple matter.

Sept. 20

Regular MRI is safe during pregnancy
‌Research by Dr. Joel Ray
The New York Times

Having an M.R.I. during pregnancy presents no danger to the fetus or the offspring, researchers have found, but the risks appear to change when a contrast agent is used.

Sept. 19

St. Michael's doctor hired by Apple
‌Interview with Dr. Mike Evans
CBC Metro Morning

A trip into a future in which your doctor prescribes an app to help monitor your blood pressure. Apple is hiring a local doctor to help make that into a reality. Matt Galloway spoke with with Dr. Mike Evans.

Sept. 14

Parents may misuse results of infant genetic testing
‌Research by Dr. Yvonne Bombard

When parents find out their newborn carries a gene mutation linked to cystic fibrosis, many use the information unexpectedly or inappropriately, according to a new study.

St. Michael’s Dr. Mike Evans takes on new health innovation role with Apple
‌Comments by Drs. Mike Evans and Art Slutsky

When St. Michael’s Hospital’s Dr. Mike Evans started working as a family physician, he saw 20 to 25 patients a day. Now his potential audience is set to explode as he takes on a new role with Apple’s health division in California, with its 1 billion iPhones sold worldwide.

Sept. 13

Return from the dead
‌Features Dr. Tom Schweizer (at the 19:20)
National Geographic documentary on Daily Motion

Neurologist Steven Laureys uses virtual reality to try and induce an out of body experience. (original air date: April 24, 2016)

Ottawa needs multiple supervised injection sites, researchers say
‌Interview with Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi
Ottawa Metro

With supervised injection sites on the horizon and an increased number of overdoes in the mix, Ottawa should aim to have two or three supervised injection sites in locations most likely to be used by drug users, said Ahmed M. Bayoumi, a researcher and physician at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Sept. 12

Growing up trans
‌Interview with Dr. Joey Bonifacio
The Walrus

One day, not long after I turned five, I pinned a poster of Walt Frazier to my bedroom wall, because I was going to be point guard for the New York Knicks. Then my brother Owen told me that could never happen, because I wasn’t a boy. I didn’t believe him.

Sept. 10

Meet Dr. Sara Gray, the woman you want in an emergency
‌Interview with Dr. Sara Gray
The Toronto Star

Sara Gray — once named Toronto’s best ER doctor — loves the ‘controlled chaos’ of her workplace at St. Mike’s. She also knows first-hand what it’s like to survive an epidemic.

World Suicide Prevention Day: What we still need to do
‌Interview with Dr. Sakina Rizvi
CTV News

World Suicide Prevention Day allows people to take a moment and think about those who are suffering from mental health issues but it’s also a day to start a dialogue about what the world can do better.

Sept. 8

Toronto study questions 'reproductive benefits' of newborn genetic tests
‌Research by Dr. Yvonne Bombard
The Toronto Star

A majority of mothers ignore their newborn’s genetic screening results when deciding whether to get pregnant again, a new Canadian study suggests.

Sept. 6

MRIs in early pregnancy appear safe, but contrast agent may not be
‌Research by Dr. Joel Ray

In the critical first trimester of pregnancy, undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) without a contrast agent is not associated with any negative outcomes for the baby, according to a new study.

Singapore's Zika cases send warning signal to Asia
‌Research by Dr. Kamran Khan

In just one week, Zika cases in Singapore have gone from zero to 258, raising concerns about a potential rapid surge in cases across Asia.

Dark comedy ignites conversation about mental health on World Suicide Prevention Day
‌Interview with Dr. Sakina Rizvi

To mark 2016 World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept.10, the Arthur Sommer Rotenberg Suicide and Depression Studies Program of St. Michael’s Hospital is sponsoring The Ties That Bind, a semi-autographical solo show exploring living with mental illness. The production was written and performed by James Ince.

Sept. 1

Zika outbreaks most likely to hit eight countries in Asia, Africa
‌Research by Dr. Kamran Khan
The Washington Post

The worsening Zika outbreak in Singapore and its potential to spread elsewhere in Asia and beyond is rapidly raising alarms among health experts.

Simulated emergencies inspire real improvements
‌Research by Drs. Andrew Petrosoniak and Chris Hicks
Hospital News

The trauma bay in St. Michael’s Hospital Emergency Department bustled with activity as a new patient was rolled in on a stretcher. With a possible leg fracture and significant blood loss, X-rays were quickly ordered and the Massive Transfusion Protocol went into effect. Everyone performed as if a life were at stake. The difference this time? The patient was a mannequin.


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