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Dec. 16

U.S. Ebola panic vanishes just as money is about to flow
Comments by Dr. Kamran Khan

Two months after the first U.S. Ebola patient died in Dallas, thousands of people have been screened at airports and tracked by health workers, and millions of dollars have been spent readying hospitals.

Ontario’s piecemeal palliative care gets a roadmap to recovery
Comments by Dr. Irfan Dhalla
The Globe and Mail

Every patient nearing end-of-life should have access to quality palliative care in the location of their choice, according to an expert Ontario panel.

Dec. 15

Doctors at St. Mike's launch project to address root causes of poor health
Research by Dr. Gary Bloch, Dr. Andrew Pinto and Karen Tomlinson
The Toronto Star

Any patient hopes a doctor’s appointment will help them get back to feeling like a million bucks. Few expect to leave with real money in the bank.

Dec. 12

Dr. Arthur S. Slutsky receives prestigious CIHR Health Researcher of the Year award
Dr. Arthur Slutsky featured

Dr. Arthur S. Slutsky, Vice-President of Research at the St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, has received the 2014 Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Health Researcher of the Year award for his outstanding efforts to advance pulmonary medicine and improve critical care practices.

Surprising new statistics on brain injuries among adults
Research by Dr. Gabriela Ilie
CTV Toronto

Watch this CTV News video titled: "Lifetime: New study on concussions."

Dec. 5

Why snot? How your body uses this gooey gunk
Interview with Dr. John Lee
The Canadian Press

It's icky and messy and sometimes it clogs your airwaves, making you feel like you can't breathe. Heck, even its name is repugnant. We're talking about snot here.

Dec. 4

Social benefit startup BlueDot launched with funds from Horizons Ventures
Research by Dr. Kamran Khan
Reuters peHUB

BlueDot, a social benefit enterprise spun out of the University of Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital, has received Series A funding.

Dec. 3

Keeping up with the pathogens: Dr. Kamran Khan launches company to track diseases
Research by Dr. Kamran Khan

The goal of most researchers is to distribute knowledge by publishing their work in a respected scientific journal, a process that can takes months if not years. But viruses and infectious diseases such as SARS or Ebola won’t wait that long before spreading, threatening not just people’s health but also international security and economic prosperity.

Dec. 2

VIDEO: Doctors split on mandatory flu vaccines for health-care workers
Interview with Dr. Douglas Sinclair
CTV News

Monday is the deadline for many health-care workers to choose between the needle and the mask.

VIDEO: New PrEP study to follow users in Toronto
Interview with Dr. Darrell Tan
Daily Xtra

Researchers will follow 50 men who have sex with men who are considered high risk for HIV infection. The year-long study will look at what happens when this group takes a daily dose of Truvada, a drug being used as an HIV prevention tool.

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