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Oct. 20

Experts warn of growing opioid crisis across Canada
‌Interview with Dr. Daniel Werb
Global News

Dr. Daniel Werb, a research scientist with St. Michael’s Hospital and director of the Toronto-based International Centre for Science in Drug Policy, discusses new statistics that show a growing percentage of illegal drugs containing fentanyl across Canada.

YouTube star Dr. Michael Evans on common-sense health care
‌Interview with Dr. Mike Evans

How Toronto Dr. Michael Evans landed a job at Apple, with dreams of improving global health.

Oct. 19

St. Michael’s creates instant network of patient-safety champions
‌Interview with Dr. Chris Hayes
Hospital News

Twenty-nine St. Michael’s clinical educators and staff have become certified patient safety trainers – and it happened all at once. Think of it as a “train the trainer” strategy, mass-wedding style.

Oct. 11

Crosby diagnosed with concussion
‌Interview with Dr. Michael Cusimano
CTV News

Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Cusimano says people should take caution after a concussion, let alone a third one and will happen with less force.

Oct. 10

Cities’ homelessness plans doomed to fail without federal cash: Report
‌Research by Dr. Stephen Hwang
The Toronto Star

National housing plan urgently needed to replace patchwork of meagre, short-term funding, according to a new report.

Need a snuggle? Vulnerable infants bond with volunteer cuddlers
‌Interview with Dr. Tony Barozzino and Julia Gluck
CBC News

'The power of human touch is extraordinary,' says Toronto pediatrician Dr. Tony Barozzino of St. Michael's Hospital's baby-cuddling program. The program was developed about a year ago to provide babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with some extra tender loving care.

Increase oat consumption to lower cholesterol, Canadian research suggests
‌Research by Dr. Vladimir Vuksan
CTV News

Humble oats have long been touted for their ability to lower cholesterol and benefit health, but now new Canadian research has provided yet more evidence to suggest that eating oats can lower cholesterol levels and reduce a person's risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Oct. 9

Religion and cancer screening: a link?
‌Research by Dr. Aisha Lofters
Med India

Does religion affect people’s likelihood of being screened for cancer? That’s the question Dr. Aisha Lofters and her team at St. Michael’s Hospital are trying to answer.

Oct. 7

Should patients be allowed to opt out of routine testing of colorectal tumours for genetic linkage?
‌Research by Dr. Yvonne Bombard
Health Canal

Health-care providers support routine testing of colorectal tumours to identify more individuals who have the most common genetic condition responsible for such cancers, a new study suggests.

Oct. 4

Mental health less of a taboo issue
‌Interview with Dr. Michaela Beder
The Toronto Star

Dr. Michaela Beder discusses her work with the homeless at St. Michael’s STAR Learning Centre and says it would not be possible without the $10 million donation from the Odette family.


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