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July 19

Small pool of doctors treat majority of Ont. residents with opioid addiction: study
Research by Tara Gomes‌
CTV News, via The Canadian Press

A small proportion of Ontario doctors who treat people battling opioid addictions prescribe the majority of the medications used to treat the disorder, a study has found, raising concerns about the quality of patient care and access to therapy.

The problem with reaching your family goal
Interview with Ashley King
The Toronto Star

New parents may face the decision of staying at home with the kids or returning to work.

July 18

High-dose vitamin D no better than standard dose for preventing kids' colds: study
Research by Dr. Jonathon Maguire‌
The National Post, via The Canadian Press

A new study has found that giving children high-dose vitamin D doesn’t appear to reduce the number of times they come down with the wintertime sniffles compared to the standard recommended dose.

This woman wanted to show what mental illness is really like, so she created a videogame
Interview with Dr. Thomas Ungar‌

You don't normally think of mental illness as the stuff of games, but Alana Zablocki believes bringing the two together can be a powerful force for greater understanding.

July 17

Cladding installation nears completion at St. Michael's Hospital
‌Urban Toronto
Work on the new Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower is nearing completion in Downtown Toronto, bringing a substantial addition to the St. Micheal's Hospital.

July 11

Canadian babies are heavier and taller than global standards. Here’s why
‌Research by Dr. Joel Ray
Global News

Canadian babies are bigger in weight and height than the world’s average standards, a new study suggests. But parents shouldn’t be worried – healthy Canadian babies may just be larger in size.

July 9

Why Dr. Andrew Boozary has been diagnosed as a superstar
‌Profile of Dr. Andrew Boozary
The Toronto Star

Dr. Andrew Boozary is taking on Big Pharma secrecy and trying to influence Canadian health policy, while seeing patients at St. Mike’s. At 31 he’s already been labelled a ‘superstar.’

July 6

Opioids a threat to seniors With COPD
‌Research by Dr. Nicholas Vozoris

Seniors with COPD -- a progressive lung disease that causes breathing problems -- may increase their odds for heart-related death if they use opioid painkillers, a new study finds.

July 5

'Black box' founders use AI, collaboration to improve surgical safety
‌Interview with Dr. Teodor Grantcharov
Canadian Healthcare Technology

The team behind the operating room black box is working to incorporate artificial intelligence into its reporting on surgical safety. Dr. Teodor Grantcharov, a surgeon-scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto who specializes in advanced minimally invasive procedures, such as gastric bypasses, is the leader of the OR black box research project.

June 30

Alzheimer's disease patients with psychosis more likely to be misdiagnosed, study suggests
‌Research by Dr. Corinne Fischer and Winnie Qian
Medical Xpress

People with Alzheimer's disease who experience psychosis—including delusions and hallucinations—are five times more likely to be misdiagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies compared to patients who do not, new research suggests.

June 29

New opioid use in older adults with COPD associated with increased risk of cardiac death
‌Research by Dr. Nicholas Vozoris

Older adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder who recently started using opioids have an increased risk of coronary artery disease-related death compared to non-opioid users, researchers at St. Michael's Hospital have found.

June 28

5 insights about sourcing and developing strategic partnerships
‌Interview with Peter Longo
Contact Center World

To explore how sourcing professionals approach the challenge of securing long-term partnerships with service suppliers like outsourced contact centers, we recently sat down with Peter Longo, director of Strategic Sourcing and Logistics at St. Michael’s Hospital.

June 27

Few players screened for concussions in last soccer World Cup
Research by Dr. Michael Cusimano

After more than four out of every five head collisions during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, soccer players didn’t get recommended concussion checks on the sidelines, an analysis of game videos suggests.

Sisters of St. Joseph's mission continues at St. Michael's 125 years later
Interview with Dr. Bob Howard
‌The Catholic Register

It has been 27 years since the Sisters of St. Joseph relinquished control of Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital, but the mission they began in 1892 hasn’t wavered.

How a national drug plan can save Canada
Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud
‌Evidence Network

Dr. Nav Persaud, a physician and associate scientist at St. Michael's Hospital, said a national drug plan would save lives, same money and encourage better perscribing habits. So what are we waiting for?


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