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Feb. 8

Concussion raises suicide risk, says study
‌Interview with Dr. Gabriela Ilie
The Globe and Mail

Adults who suffer a concussion are three times more likely to die by suicide than the rest of the population, according to a new Canadian study that suggests a need for better long-term follow-up for patients.

Feb. 3

Zika: The new global health terror
‌Research by Dr. Kamran Khan

Mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus are expected to infect up to four million people across the Americas. And there’s no cure—nor an end in sight.

Feb. 2

Will the Zika virus come to India?
‌Research by Dr. Kamran Khan
The Wall Street Journal

Indian authorities have warned pregnant women not to travel to countries affected by Zika virus, which some doctors and health officials suspect is linked to a recent spate of babies born with small heads in Brazil where the disease has reached epidemic proportions.

Feb. 1

Basic science disappearing from medical journals, study finds
‌Research by Dr. Warren Lee
Science Newsline

A new study has found a steep decline in the number of scholarly papers about basic science published in leading medical journals in the last 20 years.

Heart failure spirals into major problem
‌Interview with Dr. Kim Connelly
CBC News

Heart failure is a chronic, incurable condition that places a growing burden on hundreds of thousands of Canadians, the Heart and Stroke Foundation says in a new report.

Brave the cold, get some vitamin D
‌Interview with Dr. Jonathon Maguire
Investment Executive

Although there are many Canadians who love to brave the outdoors in winter, many more shield themselves from the cold in their homes, shunning one of nature's most important nutrients: vitamin D.

Jan. 31

Stopping the spread of Zika virus
‌Research by and interview with Dr. Kamran Khan
CBC News

Infectious disease expert Dr. Kamran Khan talks about the World Health Organization's emergency meeting on the mosquito-borne virus.

Jan. 28

What we know and don’t know about the Zika virus
‌Research by Dr. Kamran Khan
BBC World News

Dr Kamran Khan is one of the lead authors of a report on the Zika virus, published in the medical journal, the Lancet. He spoke to BBC World News presenter Mike Embley about the WHO response, and challenges of dealing with the testing and the prevention of the virus.

Jan. 27

Add Zika virus to your list of parental worries: Timson
‌Research by Dr. Kamran Khan
The Toronto Star

Unprecedented warnings from some countries in Latin America are a cause for concern for pregnant women, but for an expectant parent, concerns already abound

Zika virus: one-on-one interview with Dr. Kamran Khan
‌Research by Dr. Kamran Khan
CBC News: The National

St. Michael's Hospital addition reaches grade on Queen
‌Update on St. Michael's 3.0
Urban Toronto

Almost one year after Bondfield Construction was awarded the contract to construct a 17-storey addition to St. Michael's Hospital on the northeast corner of Queen and Victoria Streets, the project's construction has reached a major milestone.

Jan. 26

St. Michael’s Hospital, Ryerson unveil joint venture to improve health care
‌Comments from Dr. Ori Rotstein
The Globe and Mail

Ori Rotstein, surgeon-in-chief at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital, didn’t know Ryerson University’s dean of engineering when he took the seat beside him at an award announcement five years ago. Before the event ended, the pair had struck an alliance, figuring there must be ways the school and hospital, located on each other’s doorsteps, could work together.

Zika virus: An emerging health threat
‌Research by Dr. Kamran Khan
National Institutes of Health

In a new study in the journal The Lancet, infectious disease modelers calculate that Zika virus has the potential to spread across warmer and wetter parts of the Western Hemisphere as local mosquitoes pick up the virus from infected travelers and then spread the virus to other people.


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