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April 23

Drug companies using doctors, discount cards to skirt generic substitutions
Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud
CBC News

Pssst! Want brand-name prescription drugs at generic prices? It's a sales promotion that's happening right in the doctor's office. Increasingly, physicians are handing out drug company "payment assistance" cards along with the prescriptions they write.

Papers identify effective and cost-effective treatments for complex wounds
Research by Dr. Andrea Tricco
Medical Xpress

Deciding how to treat a complex wound is a bit like shopping at a supermarket: there's a lot to choose from.

Doctors’ Notes: Reading program puts books in hands of young Toronto patients
- By Dr. Laurie Green, references Dr. Katie Dorman
The Toronto Star

When you visit the family doctor at a St. Michael’s Hospital clinic with a young child these days, don’t be surprised if you walk away with a new children’s book.

Mental prep for trauma care may mitigate ER errors
Research by Dr. Chris Hicks
Pharmacy Times

By mentally rehearsing resuscitation procedures, trauma care team members can reduce clinical errors and improve patient safety.

April 22

#48in48: Raising Canada's organ donor rates
Interview with Dr. Jeff Zaltman
Global News

Starting Monday, April 20, Global News wants to help sign up 48,000 people across Canada to become organ donors.

Got Milked?
Interview with Dr. Jonathon Maguire
CBC Radio

"Milk helps build strong bones" has always been the conventional wisdom through the ages, but the auther of a new book suggests it's not so wise and she's urging you to put down the milk for the sake of you health... and even your bones.

Reducing global tobacco use
Research by Dr. Prabhat Jha
Medical Xpress

Although global efforts to cut tobacco use have had some success, more can be done to reduce the number of deaths from smoking, according to a commentary published in CMAJ.

April 21

Ontario investing $316 million in new patient care tower at St. Michael's Hospital
Health News Network
Ontario is supporting the expansion of St. Michael's Hospital to provide patients with improved access to critical care services.

Coaching surgeons with video replay would help them get better faster, trial suggests
Research by Dr. Teodor Grantcharov
The National Post

Imagine, says Teodor Grantcharov, a golfer joining the professional tour, then playing his or her entire career without any individual instruction — learning only from embarrassing results.

Breast cancer in South Asian women often diagnosed at later stage: study
Research by Dr. Aisha Lofters
CTV News

Women of South Asian descent are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer in its later stages compared to the general population, while women of Chinese ethnicity tend to be diagnosed when the disease is at an early stage, an Ontario study has found.

April 17

Common heartburn drugs linked to kidney failure in the elderly
Research by Dr. Tony Antoniou

Older patients taking drugs known as proton pump inhibitors, a common remedy for heartburn and acid reflux, are two times more likely to be hospitalized with kidney failure than peers who don't take the pills, a study finds.

April 16

Rita Wilson reveals cancer diagnosis
Interview with Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley
ET Canada

Rita Wilson, the wife of Tom Hanks, shared very difficult news, revealing that she has breast cancer and has undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

April 15

Immigrant parents might be at greater risk of stillborn births, Ontario study suggests
Research by Dr. Joel Ray
The Toronto Star

A new study by Ontario researchers suggests that some parents who are immigrants might be at greater risk of having a stillborn birth.

Does home care serve men and women equally?
Research by Dr. Arlene Bierman
Medical Xpress

As the population ages, there is increasing demand for publicly funded home care services to help older people preserve their independence, improve their quality of life, and delay or avoid going into a long-term care facility.

Mental rehearsal helps ER clinicians best prepare for trauma patients
Research by Dr. Chris Hicks

n the same way athletes mentally visualize races long before lacing up, doctors and other members of trauma resuscitation teams should map out mental blueprints, and then communicate their strategy to all team members involved in caring for patients, a new study suggests.

April 6

Multiple Sclerosis: Canadians at risk
Interview with Dr. Paul O'Connor
Canadian Living

Canada has one of the highest rates of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It's three times more common in women than men. Are you at risk?

'What's a life worth?'
Interview with Dr. Naheed Dosani
CBC Radio

A house-call for the homeless may sound like a contradiction in terms - but it's a living mission for an Ismaili Muslim doctor in Toronto. Dr. Naheed Dosani is a young physician who makes house-calls on people who don't have houses.

April 1

Research on pain relief for shoulder surgery
Research by Dr. Faraj Abdallah

Around 10,000 patients undergo shoulder surgery in Ontario every year and most go home the same day. Since it’s quite a painful procedure, a lot of effort goes into making sure patients can manage their pain while at home recovering.

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