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Aug. 11

New dads show signs of postpartum depression too, experts say
Interview with Dr. Andrew Howlett
CBC News' The National

Men can suffer from postpartum depression along with new mothers, according to the American Psychological Association. Psychologists are calling for screening of new dads the same way many women are screened — but experts say fathers will experience depression differently than mothers.

Aug. 7

Meet the doctor who’s changing our perception of problem gambling
Interview with Dr. Flora Matheson
Local Love

Dr. Flora Matheson uncovered a link between homelessness and gambling—and changed how one shelter helps its clients.

Beyoncé reveals she suffered from toxemia during her last pregnancy. What is it?
Interview with Dr. Deborah Robertson
Global News

In an as-told-to feature in Vogue’s September issue, Beyoncé reveals that she suffered serious complications while pregnant with her twins, Rumi and Sir, last year.

Aug. 4

PCs 'playing politics with people's lives' on injection sites, drug policy expert warns
Interview with Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi
CBC News

After question period on Thursday, Ontario's health minister was asked about the review her ministry is conducting into supervised injection sites. Elliott says she's heard concerns about supervised injection sites from people living in the areas where they operate, but she wants to look at the evidence on their effectiveness.

July 30

Toronto high school project published in academic journal
Interview with Annie Gravely and Dr. Jane Batt
CTV News Channel

While some researchers spend their entire careers searching for a way to conduct an experiment in space, a group of young Toronto students were able to do it with just a school project. Four students between Grade 8-12 proposed the idea of sending worms into orbit in an effort to learn more about gravity's effect on muscle deterioration.

Saving lives in wake of Danforth shooting attack
Interview with Dr. Najma Ahmed
Global News

After the Danforth shooting, many of the wounded were taken to St. Michael’s Hospital for life-saving surgery. It’s one of two adult trauma centres in Toronto. Farah Nasser speaks with Dr. Najma Ahmed, who operated on most of the victims that night.

July 29

Toronto students become published scientists after sending worms to space
Feature and video about the high schoolers' research, plus interview with Dr. Jane Batt
The Canadian Press, via the Globe and Mail

Some researchers spend years working to conduct an experiment in space, but for a group of young Toronto scientists, all it took was a school project.

July 27

The Surgeon vs. The Bullet: Meet the trauma doctor who performed life saving surgery on Danforth shooting victims
Interview with Dr. Bernard Lawless
The National Post

Dr. Bernard Lawless lives five minutes away from St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto. After a relatively uneventful Sunday in July as the on-call trauma surgeon in the critical care unit he had made the call, as he sometimes will, to duck home around 8:30 p.m. for a hot meal — he loves to cook — a hot shower, some television and to be, well, “civilized” for a spell, before heading back to work at one of the busiest hospitals in the country.

Lowering default pill count in EMR could curb opioid prescribing
Interview with Dr. Nancy Baxter
Reuters, via M.D./alert

Lowering the default number of pills in a healthcare system's electronic medical record (EMR) may reduce opioid prescribing, researchers say.

July 26

St. Mike’s trauma surgeon relives night of the Danforth shooting
Interview with Dr. Najma Ahmed
The Toronto Star

Dr. Najma Ahmed was starting to get ready for bed on Sunday, when she got an urgent text from a fellow trauma surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital. It wasn’t until she was on Shuter St., with the hospital in her sights, that she realized “something terrible had happened.” Ahmed was not nervous. "This is what I do."

Doctor who operated on Toronto shooting victims says it ‘changes your life’
Interview with Dr. Najma Ahmed
CBC News' The National

Dr. Najma Ahmed, who operated on and helped save the lives of several victims of the Sunday night shooting in Toronto, says a night like that 'changes your life, and you're never the same.'
Also from CBC News: While Toronto mass shooter was ending lives, this doctor was saving them

July 25

Engaging patients in health care redesign improves outcomes
Research by Dr. Yvonne Bombard
Medical Xpress

Engaging patients in the redesign of health care services can lead to reduced hospital admissions and more efficient and effective health care, a study led by a St. Michael's Hospital researcher suggests.

July 23

All five Danforth shooting victims being treat at St. Michael’s Hospital remain in serious condition
Dr. Najma Ahmed provides a statement
Global News

Dr. Najma Ahmed, a spokesperson for St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, confirmed Monday morning that all five victims of the Danforth mass shooting being treated in their hospital remain in serious condition. Full story

July 20

Hospitals share media imaging data with aim to cut radiation doses
Interview with Kate MacGregor (page 14)
Canadian Healthcare Technology

Patients might expect radiation doses for medical imaging scans to be comparable from one hospital to the next, but a team at St. Michael’s Hospital said the dose variance can be startling. In some cases, the machine itself may be emitting higher than needed doses of radiation and in other cases it may be that too many tests were being ordered or the length of the scan too long.

Enhanced partnership brings dementia care closer to Scarborough homes
Interview with Elizabeth Davison

People living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias can now access more support in Scarborough with an enhanced partnership that is bringing essential services closer to home. Providence Healthcare and the Alzheimer Society of Toronto (AST) have partnered to create an AST satellite clinic at Providence, helping to link people seeking support with a team of experts in one place.

July 17

5 reasons why you keep missing your period (other than pregnancy)
Interview with Dr. Yolanda Kirkham
Global News

Regardless of age, women can experience irregular or missed periods, but what’s normal? Dr. Yolanda Kirkham, an obstetrician/gynecologist at Women’s College Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto, tells Global News the average cycle can last anywhere between 25 to 40 days, and if you miss your period for three or more months, it’s time to talk to your doctor.

July 13

Deaths due to cardiovascular disease up in rural areas: Study
Research by Dr. Prabhat Jha
Hindustan Times

While cardiovascular disease is the cause of over a quarter of Indian deaths each year, in a counter-intuitive trend, the mortality rates for rural populations due to this condition have surpassed those in urban areas, according to a new study.

Health Canada told to share data
Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud (segment starts at 12:10)
CBC Radio's As It Happens

A federal court judge denies Health Canada's effort to force a researcher to keep data from a drug trial secret — and I'll speak with a doctor who hopes that sets a precedent for him.
Also, see the CBC News story

Minimally invasive procedure and medication benefits patients with stable coronary artery disease
Research by Dr. Peter Juni
Hospital News

A non-surgical procedure, called percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), along with prescribed medication, is better than medication alone as initial treatment for people who have the most common form of heart disease, suggests an analysis of an international clinical trial co-led by St. Michael’s Hospital.

July 11

Garron family donates $10-million to St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto
The Globe and Mail
A $10-million donation to St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto’s west end is set to expand one of the busiest MRI centres in the city.

July 9

Gun violence putting stress on emergency rooms
Interview with Dr. Glen Bandiera

Emergency rooms in Toronto are having their resources strained by the recent spate of shootings.

Toronto shootings take toll on hospital staff, emergency room doctor says
Interview with Dr. James Maskalyk
CBC Radio's Metro Morning

Trying to save the lives of people shot in Toronto takes an emotional toll on hospital doctors and nurses, said Dr. James Maskalyk, an emergency room physician at St. Michael's Hospital.

Doctors’ Notes: Antidepressants could be affecting your COPD
Column by Dr. Nick Vozoris
The Toronto Star

COPD affects more than 10 per cent of people over the age of 40 around the world. About 70 per cent of this population also experiences low mood and anxiety. If you’ve got this lung condition and you’re on an antidepressant, it’s worth paying extra attention to your pulmonary symptoms.

July 7

What happens to your body when heat waves kill
Interview with Dr. Steven Rhee
CBC News

As the temperature, with humidity, felt like more than 40 C in southern Quebec this week, health officials reported that many of the more than 50 heat-related deaths were people over 65, or had health problems, or both. Age and chronic health issues are both frequently cited risk factors during heat waves, but why?

July 6

How Toronto’s trauma teams are coping with tide of gun violence
Interview with Dr. Glen Bandiera
The Globe and Mail

As one of two adult trauma-specialty hospitals in Toronto, and the one located in the city’s core, shootings are a familiar call at St. Michael’s – even more so as the city’s gun-violence rates have spiked in recent months.

A giant in chest medicine
Profile of Dr. Art Slutsky
Chest Journal

Like many physicians, Arthur Slutsky had no childhood ambition to become a doctor. In fact, in high school he specifically exluded a career in medicine because it seemed to involve memorizing endless relationships of anatomical structures with Latin names! Instead, he opted for engineering, where he felt his love of mathematics and problem-solving would find better expression.

The Portfolio Diet lowers cholesterol, inflammation and heart disease
Interviews with Drs. John Sievenpiper and David Jenkins
Health Canal

We’ve all heard that a plant-based diet is good for us, but the theory that it can demonstrably lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease has been given new validation through an initiative developed by St. Michael’s staff physicians.

Don’t forget ear plugs though, says doctor at St. Mike’s hospital
Interview with Dr. Jennifer Anderson
The Toronto Star's

Dr. Jennifer Anderson, chief of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto, is a racing fan and participates herself but has some concern about the potential for hearing loss at noisy events like auto races.

July 5

The stages of diabetes care
Patient features, and interviews with Dana Whitham, Sofia da Silva, Brenda Pozzebon and Jennifer Spencer
Hospital News

St. Michael’s Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology follows individuals whose diabetes management requires insulin, multiple medications, or whose diabetes itself is complicated and requires more specialized, comprehensive and multidisciplinary care.

July 3

People 'dying unnecessarily' because of racial bias in Canada's health-care system, researcher says
Interview with Dr. Janet Smylie
CBC News

While some people have raised concerns about anti-Indigenous racism in the Northwest Territories' health-care system, an expert says it's not just an issue in the territory. Dr. Janet Smylie said it's one of the biggest health inequities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people across Canada.


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