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June 30

Singer Joni Mitchell recovering from brain aneurysm
Interview with Dr. Loch Macdonald
The Toronto Star

Joni Mitchell, 71, suffered a burst brain aneurysm in March, her spokesperson has announced, adding that she is recovering well. According to Toronto neurosurgeon Loch Macdonald, only one in five people who experience a burst brain aneurysm recovers fully.

Risk of developing asthma begins in the womb, study says
Research by Dr. Ketan Shankardass
CTV News

New research blames early exposure to pollution for higher asthma rates in some Toronto communities.

June 29

Coming to Regent Park: mental health services that really work
Interview with Dr. Vicky Stergiopoulos
The Toronto Star

FOCUS, a 24/7 integrated service that supports people with complex issues, will be part of a new family clinic opening next month.

Poorer, more polluted Toronto neighbourhoods have higher childhood asthma rates: Study
Research by Dr. Ketan Shankardass
Global News

Children living or born in poorer or more polluted Toronto neighbourhoods are more likely to develop childhood asthma, new research suggests.

How St. Michael’s Hospital is preparing for a major disaster
Interview with Dr. Sara Gray and Lee Barratt
The Toronto Star

Imagine the scene: Hundreds hurt in a chemical, biological or nuclear incident in Toronto. Hospital staff gathered in their ambulance bay for a full-dress rehearsal of emergency decontamination plans.

June 26

Medically complex patients with Type 2 diabetes could benefit from seeing a specialist soon
Research by Dr. Gillian Booth
Medical News Today

People recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and who have other serious chronic health issues have less heart disease and lower death rates if they see an endocrinologist within one year of diagnosis, new research suggests.

June 25

Arrhythmia risk increased by post-operative antinausea-steroid combination
Interview with Dr. Andrea Tricco

We were commissioned by Health Canada to assess the safety and effectiveness of serotonin (5-HT3) receptor antagonists in patients undergoing surgery. In order to examine this research question, we conducted a systematic review and network meta-analysis including more than 450 studies.

June 23

Preventing flu deaths: New drug testing targets fatal respiratory damage
Research by Dr. Warren Lee

Researchers from St. Michael’s and Sunnybrook hospitals think they have found a way to prevent people from dying from the flu.

June 22

9 ways to get healthier right now
Interview with Dr. Guylaine Lefebvre

A head-to-toe guide to boosting your memory, fighting gravity, banishing period pain, improving your nails and more.

June 18

Some common anti-nausea medications used post-operatively could increase patients' arrhythmia risk
Research by Dr. Andrea Tricco
Medical Xpress

Certain commonly prescribed anti-nausea medications given to patients during or after an operation could increase their risk of developing an irregular heartbeat, new research has found.

June 15

Cystic fibrosis patients can benefit from lung transplant
Research by Dr. Anne Stephenson
The Canadian Press

Canadians with cystic fibrosis who have a lung transplant get a definite boost in survival, with half of those who receive the new organs living at least 10 years following the surgery, researchers have found.

Homeless and pregnant
Interview with Marisa Cicero
Canadian Living

A heartbreaking number of women become pregnant when living on the streets. Here's how one program is helping homeless pregnant women have healthy babies.

New drug could help flu patients
Research by Dr. Warren Lee
Global News

Dr. Warren Lee with St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto discusses a new drug that doesn’t target the flu virus itself, but could still help flu patients.

June 15

Soylent, the popular meal replacement, comes to Canada
Interview with Dr. David Jenkins
The Toronto Star

Soylent, which advertises itself as nutritionally complete, affordable and convenient, has amassed a loyal following in the U.S. — along with some critics.

June 11

Make your day harder
Interview with Dr. Mike Evans
CBC Radio, Metro Morning

June 10

Diagnosing poverty: New stats show people in North End die 16 years earlier
References research by Dr. Gary Bloch
The Winnipeg Free Press

Doctors urged to include patients' financial well-being as warning sign for chronic illness.

June 9

Preventing the flu: Researchers looking for new approach
Research by Dr. Warren Lee
CTV's Lifetime

Many researchers are trying to develop new drugs to defeat the flu virus. But researchers at St. Michael's Hospital had a completely different idea.

June 5

Team targeting host rather than flu virus have success with new treatment in mice
Research by Dr. Warren Lee
Medical Xpress

Many researchers are trying to develop new drugs to defeat the flu virus. But researchers at St. Michael's Hospital had a completely different idea.

June 3

Use of anti-psychotic drugs on seniors rising
Research by Tara Gomes
The Toronto Star

The use of anti-psychotic drugs by seniors in their own homes and other community settings in Ontario has jumped by a whopping 26 per cent in only five years, according to new research.

June 1

Why the demand for blood is going down
Interview with Dr. John Freedman
The Toronto Star

A recent shift in medical views on transfusions — along with improved surgical techniques and successful conservation strategies — has led to decreased demand for blood.

How neighbourhood impacts partner abuse
Research by Dr. Patricia O'Campo
Yahoo! News

People who enjoy more social support, including trust and a sense of belonging, are less likely to experience emotional or verbal abuse while in a relationship, says a study.

Doctors' checklist could help decrease length of COPD patients' hospital stay
Research by Dr. Samir Gupta
Medical Xpress

Patients with worsening chronic obstructive pulmonary disease spend less time in hospital when their doctors manage their care by using a checklist of steps called order sets.

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