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March 16

How Canadian research helped develop promising new cholesterol drugs
‌Interview with Dr. Larry Leiter
CTV National News

When the world’s leading cardiovascular experts gather in Washington, D.C. on Friday for a three-day conference, they will highlight a new class of cholesterol drugs developed thanks to an important Canadian discovery.

March 15

Canadians with cystic fibrosis live 10 years longer than Americans with the disease
‌Research by Dr. Anne Stephenson
The New York Times

Canadians with cystic fibrosis survive, on average, more than 10 years longer than Americans with the same disease, largely because of differences in the two countries’ health insurance systems, a new study suggests.
(Plus, read their column that explains why)

Clinical Notes: Health Canada plan could give you more information about prescription drugs
‌Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud
CBC's Metro Morning

Health Canada has announced it may release information from clinical trials for prescription drugs and medical devices. Guest host Andrew Nichols spoke with Dr. Nav Persaud, a staff physician with St. Michael's Hospital.

March 14

Health Canada aims to release secret drug records
‌Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud
The Toronto Star

A proposed Health Canada policy would make public currently confidential information about drugs’ safety and efficacy.

March 13

Cystic fibrosis patients in Canada living longer than those in U.S.: study
‌Research by Dr. Anne Stephenson
CTV National News

Canadians with cystic fibrosis tend to survive longer than American patients – a lot longer, a new study has found. According to research published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine, Canadian CF patients live more than 10 years longer on average than patients with the same disease in the U.S.

March 10

Health Canada talks of opening up 'black box of medicines' safety
‌Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud

Canadians could be a step closer to being able to access sensitive information about the safety of drugs and medical devices.

March 7

Canadian foundation donates $12-million to support Indigenous people
‌Mentions major donation from Allan Slaight
Newscaf, via The Globe and Mail

The foundation formed nearly a decade ago by the family of former media executive Allan Slaight is donating more than $12-million to improve the lives of Indigenous people across Canada.

March 1

Portable screening tool for diabetic feet can prevent amputations
‌Interviews with Drs. Karen Cross and General Leung
Canadian Healthcare Technology

More than 3 million Canadians have diabetes, a number that has nearly doubled since 2002 and continues to grow. These patients have tools to manage their glucose levels, but no tools to help them manage foot wounds that often lead to infection and amputation. That’s where MIMOSA comes in.

History of incarceration linked to subsequent homelessness, study finds
‌Research by Dr. Dan Werb
Science Blog

People who have been incarcerated in Canada are more likely to subsequently experience unstable housing or homelessness compared with those who have not, new research suggests.

Feb. 28

Hospital's gender gap hasn't improved in 15 years
‌Research by Dr. Sharon Straus

St. Michael's Hospital, a Toronto teaching hospital is in danger of losing bright, creative women if its major and persistent gender gap is not addressed, a new study suggests.

Feb. 27

With universal drug coverage, Canadians could save billions: study
‌Research by Dr. Nav Persaud
The Globe and Mail

Canadians and private drug-plan sponsors could save more than $4-billion a year if the federal government adopted universal coverage for a group of commonly prescribed essential medicines, according to a new analysis in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Feb. 24

Toronto Public Health concerned new anti-HIV drug could contribute to spread of other STDs
‌Interview with Dr. Darrell Tan
CBC News

One year after it was approved by Health Canada, Toronto Public Health is concerned PrEP provides a false sense of invincibility for some users that could contribute to the city's rising rates for other sexually transmitted diseases.

Feb. 23

Canada's black market for illicit drug fentanyl booming
‌Interview with Dr. Michelle Klaiman
The Globe and Mail

The number of illegal drug samples containing fentanyl has doubled every year in Canada since dealers began smuggling a black market version of the prescription painkiller into the country, new figures show.

Feb. 22

Incarceration linked to excess burden of cancer, new study finds
‌Research by Dr. Fiona Kouyoumdjian

People who spend time in jails and prisons are more likely to develop certain types of cancer than the general population in Ontario, according to a study published today in the open-access journal PLOS ONE.

Feb. 20

Children at higher risk of overdose if mom is prescribed opioids: study
‌Interview with Dr. Suzanne Turner
CTV National News

An American medical group is calling for an end to jailing or prosecuting pregnant women who are addicted to drugs, a punitive measure in certain states, while a compassionate approach in British Columbia is showing positive results.


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