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Sept. 19

Peter Gilgan donating $30 million to St. Michael's Hospital
Comments by Peter Gilgan and Dr. Robert Howard
The Toronto Star

Billionaire housing tycoon Peter Gilgan giving St. Michael’s $30 million for new patient care tower – the single largest gift received by the hospital.

Sept. 17

High-dose opioids dispensed in Saskatchewan climbs substantially
Research by Tara Gomes
Global News

According to a study released last Friday, Saskatchewan has one of the fastest growing rates for high-dose opioids in the country.

Sept. 15

Prescriptions for high-dose opioids on rise, study finds
Research by Tara Gomes
The Canadian Press

Researchers found the rates of high-dose opioid dispensing across Canada increased from 781 units per 1,000 people in 2006 to 961 units in 2011.

Cost of dental care in Canada keeps patients away
Comments by Dr. Stephen Hwang
The Globe and Mail

Canadians spend almost $12-billion annually on dental services, but glaring inequalities in access to oral health care remain, especially for the poor.

Sept. 12

30 minutes a day to a healthier you
Research by Dr. Mike Evans
Reader's Digest

Mike Evans wants you to break your bad habits. One of the most entertaining stars on YouTube, he’s created a series of health-themed viral videos to show you how.

Sept. 9

Toronto homeless feel discriminated against by healthcare workers
Research by Dr. Vicky Stergiopoulous
Global News

There is a high level of perceived discrimination among homeless adults when it comes to healthcare.

Sept. 8

Lessons from the dead: Why 'verbal autopsies' are changing public health
Interview with Dr. Prabhat Jha

Relatives of the recently deceased are helping to pin down the causes of deaths in India and boost public health, says Prabhat Jha, professor of epidemiology and public health at the University of Toronto in Canada.

Sept. 5

Toronto’s 'surgeon brothers' on top of medical world
Interview with Dr. Michael Cusimano
The Toronto Star

In the heart of Toronto, two of medicine’s greatest minds have humanity’s most vital organs in the palms of their hands. Sibling rivalry doesn’t get much more high stakes than this.

Sept. 2

St. Michael’s nurse celebrates 50 years with hospital
Interview with Sharon Baker
The Toronto Star

Sharon Baker can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to be a nurse. As a young girl growing up in Toronto, Baker pretended her dolls were patients.

Low-carb diets may beat low-fat options for weight loss, heart health
Research by Dr. David Jenkins

A low-carbohydrate diet is better for losing weight and may also be better for lowering the risk of heart disease than a low-fat diet, according to a new study.

An opioid crisis?
Comments by Dr. Tara Gomes
Hospital News

The misuse and abuse of opioids — strong painkillers such as morphine, codeine and oxycodone – is an issue that has grown considerably across North America over the past two decades.

Surgery room ‘black box’ poised to change medical culture
Research by Dr. Teodor Grantcharov
The Toronto Star

A Toronto surgeon who is working to adapt black box aviation technology to track surgeries and improve patient outcomes says preliminary results are promising.

Aug. 29

Women with multiple chronic conditions are screened less often for breast cancer
Research by Dr. Sara Guilcher
The Huffington Post

Women with severe disabilities and multiple chronic conditions are screened for breast cancer less often than women with no disabilities or no chronic conditions, a new study has found.

Aug. 28

A prescription for better stroke care
Research by Dr. Gustavo Saposnik

Stroke patients are 70 per cent more likely to continue taking their stroke prevention medications one year later if they have a prescription in hand when discharged – according to researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES).

Tricorder X prize Is interesting, but surgical 'black box' could save lives right away
Research by Dr. Teodor Grantcharov

Groups from all over the world are competing to develop a consumer-centric medical diagnostic device akin to the fictional tricorder scanner from the original “Star Trek” series.

Aug. 25

Inside the Ebola quarantine in Liberia
Interview with Dr. Kamran Khan
CBC Radio

The quarantine in the slum of West Point is driving street prices sky high, making an already bad situation worse. But the government says its necessary in its attempts to get ahead of the Ebola outbreak.

Surgical 'black box' could reduce errors
Research by Dr. Teodor Grantcharov

Inside the operating room, video cameras track every movement. Outside, a small computer-like device analyzes the recordings, identifying when mistakes are made and providing instant feedback to surgeons as they operate.

Aug. 19

Ebola outbreak: Africans understandably wary about promised cures
Column by Dr. Jim Lavery
CBC News

New concerns that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is much worse than reported are adding to the global pressure to find a solution – even if that means testing unproven drugs on desperate Africans.

Not satisfied after a meal? Here’s something that could help
Column by Dr. John Sievenpiper
The Globe and Mail

Not satisfied after a meal? Add beans. If you feel like you need to eat a snack after finishing a meal, consider adding beans (or lentils) to your main course next time.

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