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Jan. 21

Stabbings up 36% in Toronto last year
Interview with Dr. Glen Bandiera
CBC News

The number of stabbings in Toronto jumped dramatically in 2014, according to new numbers obtained by CBC News. According to data obtained from the Toronto Police Service under the Freedom of Information Act there were 815 stabbings in Toronto last year — a 36 per cent increase from the 599 in 2013.

Jan. 15

Mother gives back
Interview with Dr. Doug Campbell
CTV News, Lifetime

A generous act by a grateful mother to other parents' preemies after hers, Malachy, received excellent care and support at St. Michael's Hospital.

Doing things better without adding hours to the day
Interview with Dr. Chris Hayes
Hospital News

Change is all around us! Thousands of passionate people at St. Michael’s Hospital are working right now on countless projects and initiatives to improve the way they do what they do, while at the same time actually doing their work.

Jan. 14

Cold alert science
Interview with Dr. Stephen Hwang
CBC, Metro Morning

Many advocates for the homeless question the approach of determining what qualifies for the city's extreme cold-weather alerts. Scientists at St. Michael's Hospital are researching other factors that could be considered.

Jan. 13

Applied Public Health Research Chair will address gaps in Indigenous health
Announcement about Dr. Janet Smylie

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Public Health Agency of Canada have awarded Dr. Janet Smylie an Applied Public Health Research Chair to address the striking inequities in health and health service access experienced by Indigenous people in Canada.

Jan. 12

Payday lenders sub in for banks in poor areas
Research by Drs. Joel Ray and Flora Matheson
The Toronto Star

Toronto is divided not only by income, but by access to formal banking - which impacts the financial and physical health of the city's poor.

One woman’s story of prescription drug addiction
Research by Dr. Irfan Dhalla

In an attempt to ease the pain in her back, one women lost her daughter, job and ended up in a coma. Her story is a revelatory glimpse into the dark world of prescription drug addiction in Canada.

Jan. 9

Helping the homeless: What works? What doesn't?
Interview with Dr. Vicky Stergiopoulos
CBC, Ontario Today

The deaths of two homeless men in the bitter cold in Toronto this week have prompted calls for action. But what would actually help?

Jan. 8

The needs of women in prisons
Research by Dr. Flora Matheson
Canada AM

Female inmates are in need of specific treatment for physical and sexual abuse they endured as children and adults, according to new research from Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital.

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