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Doors Open Toronto – a sneak peak at St. Michael’s 3.0

Toronto, June 5, 2013

Recently, the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute hosted its third Doors Open event. The site was one of more than 100 different locations open to the public across Toronto. Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute offered tours of the building, information about the architecture, and had a number of interactive demonstrations including a special St. Michael’s 3.0 sneak peek.

Visitors got to walk through and interact with a mock-up of what an inpatient room will look like in the new patient care tower – as well as a mock-up of a future infusion bay.

The mock-ups were set up at the end of the tour of the building, and visitors left feedback on the mock inpatient room walls with sticky tabs. The mock-ups featured the patient rooms of the future that include much more space, lockers for storage of a patient’s personal items, large windows, and a family zone. The family zone includes furniture to allow for an entire family to visit, making patients feel more at home in the hospital.

Visitors left feedback about various aspects of the inpatient mock-up, including suggestions about paint colours, amenities and furniture.

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