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St. Michael’s celebrates 15th anniversary of merger with Wellesley Hospital

Toronto, April 4, 2013

April 6 marks the 15th anniversary of the merger between St. Michael’s and Wellesley hospitals. Staff of St. Michael’s and the former Wellesley Hospital – many of whom are still with St. Michael’s – remember the merger between the two hospitals as starting off shakily, but ultimately becoming a positive event. “It was difficult in the beginning, but our amalgamation is considered to be one of the most successful hospital mergers in Canadian history,” said Robert Howard, president and CEO.

On April 6, 1998, as directed by the Ontario government’s Health Services Restructuring Commission, St. Michael’s Hospital took over responsibility for the management and operations of most of the Wellesley’s programs and services, including cardiology, respirology and vascular surgery.

“Many of the programs that St. Michael’s is known for today came from the Wellesley,” said Dr. Howard. “The merger strengthened our ability to serve the people in our community, our reputation as Toronto’s urban angel and as a leader in inner city health.”

Services and programs that were transferred to St. Michael’s included neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology, vascular surgery, endoscopy and perioperative services. Although obstetrics and nephrology were slated to go elsewhere, many staff from those areas joined St. Michael’s, bringing their patients along with them as well.

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