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St. Michael’s hosts international endoscopy conference

Toronto, October 2, 2012

By Leslie Shepherd

Dr. Norm Marcon
Dr. Norm Marcon

Doctors from St. Michael's Hospital will play host this week to more than 300 physicians, nurses and students from around the world taking part in what is considered to be the most sophisticated live educational program of its kind.

Drs. Norm Marcon, Paul Kortan, Gabor Kandel and Gary May along with the therapeutic endoscopy team will turn part of the Royal York Hotel into a satellite endoscopy suite Wednesday to Friday for the 25th annual International Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Course.

The three-day course will feature live endoscopic procedures beamed in real time to the hotel and a satellite meeting in Vancouver. International experts will demonstrate and teach the latest therapeutic endoscopy techniques, treatments and assessments.

The Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Centre at St. Michael's is one of the largest and most advanced in Canada, treating more than 14,000 patients a year. It is also recognised as one of the premier endoscopic centers in the world for training in advanced therapeutic endoscopy.

Endoscopy is the examination of the gastrointestinal tract – the esophagus, stomach, bile duct, pancreas, small bowel and large bowel – with a flexible videoscope. Therapeutic means the procedure can provide treatment (therapy), in addition to a diagnosis.

Therapeutic endoscopy is the treatment of choice for a growing number of problems, such as removing early-stage cancers, polyps, stopping internal bleeding, removing blockages and providing palliative care for patients with late-stage cancer. It is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning no incision is required and patients have shorter hospital stays and recovery times.

St. Michael's is the only hospital in Ontario that offers the full range of advanced endoscopic services. Others hospitals in the area, elsewhere in Ontario and even from across Canada send their most challenging gastro-intestinal cases to St. Michael's for therapeutic endoscopy.

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