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CRICH scientist appointed Research Chair in Public Health

James Dunn will continue to explore how neighbourhoods influence healthy living.

Toronto, June 13, 2008

James R. Dunn, has been appointed Research Chair in Public Health by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Population and Public Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada. His research will examine how neighbourhoods affect their residents' opportunities for good health.

Studies have shown that the social, economic, and cultural traits of a neighbourhood influence its health status. Dunn, a scientist in the Centre for Urban Health Solutions in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael's Hospital, will examine how neighbourhoods influence healthy living. Study areas will include nearby Regent Park, one of the oldest and largest public housing developments in Canada.

Dunn's research also aligns with other innovations in the study of neighbourhoods and health within CRICH. Recent work also includes a study by doctors Gillian Booth and Rick Glazier on the links between diabetes prevalence and neighbourhood characteristics.

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