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St. Michael's participates in health care innovation conference

St. Michael's Hospital is honoured to have two of its innovative programs recognized at the Celebrating Innovations in Health Care Expo 2007.

Toronto, May 24, 2007

The McGuinty government has announced the 18 health care innovation finalists for the Celebrating Innovations in Health Care Expo 2007 Awards, Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman said.

"The expo celebrates Ontario's most innovative leaders who help make our public health care system better," said Smitherman. "We are proud to commend these 18 finalists for their leadership, creativity and initiative as they are making a real difference."

St. Michael's Hospital is honoured to be recognized for its innovative programs I Was Here (in partnership with the National Film Board) and Ticket to Home.

poster for I Was HereI Was Here

I Was Here is a large-format photography exhibit featuring images and text created by five women, all pregnant or parenting, who have had experience with homelessness. I Was Here documents their lives in Toronto, and was developed in media workshops with community members who normally wouldn't have a voice, but through the lens this first of its kind program has impact — both on the participants and the public.

This program gives a voice to youth struggling with poverty and housing issues so they may express themselves and teach others about their lived experiences. There is often a knowledge and sensitivity gap among health care providers, social service providers, policy makers and the general public about the strengths of young parents and the challenges they face on a daily basis.

The Filmmaker-in-Residence program is an alternative model of media making: it is collaborative, participatory and community-based. Filmmaker-in-Residence works with the frontlines of healthcare — doctors, nurses, researchers and patients — to put the power of media into the hands of citizens, true agents of social change. With access to St. Michael's Hospital's Inner City Health Unit and to global projects that impact Canadian healthcare, the program partners media with medicine in innovative ways, using film, video, mobile devices, online, photography and art.

The Ticket to Home teamTicket to Home

Sometimes some of the most complex problems have a simple solution. St. Michael's Hospital identified the need to streamline communications among their health care teams in inpatient areas and created Ticket to Home.

Patients are not always ready or prepared to go home when informed they are being discharged from the Hospital. The aim of the Ticket to Home project is to improve the information and communication patients and families were given leading up to discharge. A list of discharge goals to be followed and achieved by each patient prior to being discharged is posted beside each patient's bed for daily review, and a larger laminated poster of the Ticket to Home is mounted in the hallway by the nursing station.

The specific patient satisfaction indicators measured are the discussed purpose of home meds, discussed medication side effects, discussed danger signals to watch for, discussed when to resume normal activities and knowing who to call with questions.

Prior to the Ticket to Home, the inpatient unit satisfaction score was 63.7%. After creating the program, inpatient unit satisfaction score rose to 71%.

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