Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

The Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre

EducationWe are all students.  We are all teachers.

The Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre is all about inspiration and development. The Centre fulfills its mission to students and teachers with a combination of high-touch and high-tech programs that develop expertise and deepen insights.

Education has been a core function of St. Michael’s from the hospital’s first days. Training through its own school of nursing and placing medical students began in 1894. Today, St. Michael’s welcomes close to 3,000 students from 20 universities and colleges. 

Our staff and physicians keep up their skills and knowledge through advanced learning technologies. And healthcare educators tap into professional development and scholarship programs to advance their skills to the next level.

The Student Centre coordinates the registration and placement of our students and provides resources to ensure their optimal learning experience while at St Michael’s.

Healthcare educators access the Centre for Faculty Development for professional development and scholarship programs.

Staff explore learning and development opportunities through Leadership & Staff Development.

Our learning resources include the Allan Waters’ Family Simulation Centre, an innovative facility that allows students and staff to be exposed to a range of patient interactions and critical situations.