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Performance Indicators - Wait Times

The Hospital takes part in the Ontario Ministry and Health and Long-Term Care's provincial plan to shorten hospital wait times. The figures below are based on information we put together and give to the Ministry.

The Ministry's website has more information:


Our wait times for cardiac bypass surgery, cataract surgery and hip and knee replacements are significantly shorter than the provincial targets for these services.

The wait times reported for MRI and CT scans show elective, non-urgent cases only. Because St. Michael's is a trauma centre and a referral hospital, we provide a large number of urgent MRI and CT scans. These scans require complex and time-consuming work, due to the severity of many patients' injuries. The Hospital meets the provincial targets for the majority of these urgent scans, which results in our wait times for non-urgent, elective cases being more than the provincial comparator. Our wait times for non-urgent, elective MRI and CT scans are comparable to hospitals in similar situations.

Unfortunately, the data needed to calculate/determine if our scores are statistically different from the provincial comparator is not available for all of the wait times listed.


Significantly better than comparator At or better than comparator Worse than comparator Significantly worse than comparator
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Wait Times (July - September 2011)

Program SMH Wait Time (in days) Provincial Target 2010 Provincial comparator (in days)
Breast Cancer 74 84 41
General Surgery - Colorectal N/A 84 55
General Surgery - Urology 56 84 55
Urology - Prostate 78 84 78
Central Nervous System 64 84 65
Joint Replacement
Hip Primary 185 182 106
Knee Primary 169 182 108
Diagnostic Scans
MRI - Priority 4 307 28 92
CT - Priority 4 46 28 53