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Student Centre: Providing a centralized space

The creation of spaces, where students of all disciplines are welcomed and more importantly, seamlessly registered and on-boarded into the organization, became a key priority. In this day and age of collaborative patient care, it made sense that the first space a student sees in St. Michael’s Hospital was a collaborative one. As a result, the first student centre was built in a space at 2 Queen Street East as a temporary location, during the construction of the Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Centre. This collaborative project was successfully executed with support from the St. Michael’s Planning Department, who were fully committed to the vision and provided the resources with an interior design consultation and the funding to renovate and equip the space.

With the completion of the Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre, the Student Centre moved into its new home on the 5th floor of the Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre in 2010. This Student Centre team and the space supports seamless, efficient and effective student registration and orientation and it provides ombudsman support for students.

This centre continues to be an exemplar which many hospitals model, both locally and nationally. The quality and impact of the facility has not been lost on the students!

Student Resource Centre:

Creating a protected space

To further support a superior student experience, St. Michael’s built a Student Resource Centre close to the hospital’s clinical units. This centre was designed for all students and it offered students a space to come together and call their own, whether it’s to rest, prepare a meal, relax and use as a meeting space. The Student Resource Centre is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In response to feedback and need, St. Michael’s created a protected space for students who are mothers. This provides these students a safe and quiet space for breastfeeding and a refrigerator for milk storage. These developments stand as symbols for the hospital’s values and it demonstrates the organization’s support for students and their teaching, learning and wellness.


Corporate Call Rooms:

Improving wellness

Medical residents play an important role in caring for St. Michael’s patients overnight. In 2013, the hospital renovated all its corporate call rooms and furnished them with new furniture, contributing to the wellness of medical residents. The rooms are now exceeding the Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO) expectations for call rooms.

Clinical Education Spaces:

Enhancing student engagement

In September 2014, a new clinical education space for students was opened on the second floor of the Keenan Research Centre. The space includes eight newly dedicated classrooms – hybrids of both teaching and clinical spaces – designed to enhance student engagement and contribute to excellence in curriculum delivery.

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