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Student registration and orientation

The Student Experience Committee (SEC) recognized the commonalities in student management and the benefits to centralizing the orientation process to better support patient, staff and student safety. Since its launch in July 2011, the electronic Student Registration System (SRS) has provided St. Michael’s Hospital with a digital record of all students. Furthermore, it allows St. Michael’s to communicate with students and their academic institutions. This has become the gold standard for managing student placements and institutions across Canada have sought out St. Michael’s knowledge in creating similar systems.

Accessible data in real time via the SRS served the hospital’s need to communicate time-sensitive messages to students. For example, during a flu outbreak in a ward with many clinical placements, St. Michael’s was required to inform students assigned to that area about how to keep themselves safe and their role as students during an outbreak. All Medicine, Nursing and Health Disciplines students were contacted via the SRS on the day of the outbreak with the necessary instructions to manage their placement. This replaces an inefficient and error-fraught process of individually contacting each student by manually pulling all paper-based registration forms across three different offices within the hospital. Following the creation of the registration system, it was clear that in order to make the student onboarding process an integrated one, student orientation needed to be innovative and easy to access.

Orientation: Better preparing students

Only 77 per cent of the hospital’s students felt prepared to begin their placement upon completing orientation, which identifies a need for improvement, according to early results from St. Michael’s Student Engagement Survey. The SEC reviewed and revised the orientation program to better align with Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN) partners and the needs of the St. Michael’s community.

As a result, orientation was made more accessible through the use of a dedicated Student Centre website. Large portions of the orientation program are now available online to allow students to complete their mandatory training anytime and anywhere, in advance of their placement. Our students can thus come prepared on day one.

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