Student Centre

Education Achievement Day

2008 Honorees

Guest Speaker: Susan Lieff: Teaching in medicine; a time of opportunity

Award Winners:

Best Surgical Ophthalmology Award: Dr. William Macrae
Best Medical Ophthalmology Award: Dr. Trevor Chin Fook


William Noble Award: Rob Chen
Canadian Anaesthesiologists Society John Bradley Young Educator Award:
Dr. Viren Naik
Art Dunn Undergraduate Award: Dr. Vince Hughes
Art Dunn Postgraduate Award: Dr. Mike Kolton

Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award: Dr. Vern Campbell
Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award: Dr. Michael Ko
William Horsey Postgraduate Teaching Award: Dr. Daniel Bonneau
Paul McGoey Teaching Award: Dr. William Ristevski

Dr. Murray Muirhead Postgraduate Awards:
Dr. Malika Sharma – PGY 1
Dr. Lawrence Jacobs Jr. – PGY 1
Dr. Kathryn Towns – PGY 2
Dr. Adam Weizman – PGY 2
Dr. Isaac Bogoch – PGY 3

 Dr. J.J. Connon Award: Dr. David Maslove

Outstanding Postgraduate Teacher Awards
Dr. Chi-Ming Chow
Dr. Samir Grover
Dr. Amir Hanna
Dr. Lisa Hicks
Dr. Yuna Lee
Dr. Ophyr Mourad
Dr. Natalie Wong

Dr. Gerald Wong Award: Dr. David Chan
Dr. Luigi Casella Award: Dr. Howard Leong-Poi


Fitzgerald Academy
Clinical Skills Teacher Award - Dr. Neil Fam
PBL Teacher Award - Dr. Steve I'm
Clerkship Teacher Award - Dr. Rob Sargeant
Master Teacher Award - Dr. David Wong
FitzGerald Academy Hall of Fame Award - Dr. John Bohnen
FitzGerald Academy Friends of the Academy Award - Carita Valentini, Narisha Jiwa

Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Medical Education:
Dr. Lorne Tugg
Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education:
Dr. David Robertson
Award for Excellence in Continuing Medical Education
Dr. Mark Halman

Family Medicine
Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education: Dr. Karen Weyman

Emergency Medicine
St. Michael’s Hospital Emergency Medicine Teacher of the Year 2008:
Dr. James Maskalyk

St. Michael’s Hospital Board of Directors Complete Physician Award 2008
Dr. Vince Chien

Education Achievement Day Winners

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