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Education Achievement Day

2007 Honorees

Guest Speaker Brian Hodges Self-directed learning and clinical teaching: Fact, fad or fantasy

Arthur Dunn Postgraduate Award: Dr. Brian Pollard
Arthur Dunn Undergraduate Award: Dr. Bruce Knox

Department of Surgery
Undergraduate Teaching Award: Dr. Robert Stewart
Dr Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award: Dr. Michael Kogon
Paul McGoey Teaching Award: Dr. Vanessa Stas

Fitzgerald Academy:
Clinical Teacher Award (preclerkship) Dr. David Wong
PBL Teacher Award  (preclerkship): Dr. David Chan
Clerkship Teaching Award: Dr Robert Sargeant
Resident Teacher Excellence Award:
Dr. Johnathan Cardella
Dr. Irfan Dhalla
Dr. Harvey Wong
Friends of the Academy Award: Narisha Jiwa

Complete Physician Award: Dr. Paul Kortan


Department of Medicine
Dr. J.J. Connon Award: Dr. Irfan Dhalla
Dr. Luigi Casella Teaching Award: Dr. Robert Chisholm
Dr. Gerald Wong Award Undergraduate Teaching: Dr Robert Sargeant
Dr. Murray Muirhead Postgraduate Awards:
Dr. Emily Lai  PGY1
Dr. David Cescon PGY2
Dr. Monty Sandhu PGY3
Dr. Pierre Cilleneuve PGY3
Outstanding Postgraduate Teaching Awards:
Dr. Chaim Bell
Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley
Dr. Jeannette Goguen
Dr. Gabor Kandel
Dr. Paul Kortan
Dr. Ophyr Mourad
Dr Robert Sargeant
Dr. Jeff Zaltzman


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