Student Centre

Education Achievement Day

2006 Honorees

Guest Speaker Richard Tiberius “Teacher – Learner Relationships”

The Art Dunn Postgraduate Award: Dr. Brian Pollard
The Art Dunn Postgraduate Award: Dr. Jeff Wasserman
The Art Dunn Undergraduate Award: Dr. Ken Lin

Dr. Luigi Casella Teaching Award: Dr. Chi-Ming Chow
Dr. J.J. Connon Award: Dr. Darren Yuen
Gerald Wong Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching:
Dr. Rob Sargeant
Gerald Wong Award: Dr. Yuna Lee
Murray Muirhead Award
Dr. Alina Gerrie – PGY 1
Dr. Mouhannad Sadek – PGY 1
Dr. Sonia Butalia – PGY 2
Dr. Tina Trinkaus – PGY 2
Dr. Kieran McIntyre – PGY 3
Dr. Dinesh Thavendiranathan – PGY 3
Outstanding Postgraduate Teacher Award:
Dr. Louise Perlin
Dr. Natalie Wong
Dr. Kevin Gough
Dr Rob Sargeant
Dr. Chi-Ming Chow
Dr. Jeannette Goguen
Teacher of the Year: Dr. Yuna Lee

Fitzgerald Academy:
Clinical Teacher: Dr David Wong
PBL Tutor: Dr. Jim Kitchens
Clerkship Teacher: Dr. Yuna Lee
Most Appreciated Resident: Dr. Darren Yuen & Dr. Tina Trinkaus
Master Teacher: Dr. Simon Abrahamson
Hall of Fame: Dr. Simon Abrahamson
Friends of the Academy: Todd Koch

Department of Surgery
The Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award: Dr. Kenneth Pace
The Dr. Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award: Dr. Robert Mustard
The William Horsey Postgraduate Teaching Award: Dr. Allan Eckhaus
Dr. Paul McGoey Award: Dr. Hossein Mehdian

Complete Physician Award: Dr. Laura Hans

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