Education Report

Rolling out the welcome mat

Kelly Wilton, a second-year general internal medicine resident, is all too familiar with the chaos of starting a placement at a new hospital. "July 1 was typically an anxiety-provoking day," said Wilton. "In addition to starting a new rotation, often at a new hospital, there was always uncertainty around how to make sure you were prepared to hit the ground running."

The product of a year's worth of interprofessional collaboration, St. Michael's new Student Registration System is accessible anytime, anywhere, and features everything students need in order to register. Students can also complete their orientation ahead of time through a 60–minute, online module.

The new processes are tangibly improving the student learning experience: "They've allowed us to prepare preemptively, so on July 1 we could focus on clinical duties," said Wilton.

The new online orientation process has ensured that all St. Michael's students, regardless of discipline, receive the same information and training before they begin their placements. Other institutions have taken notice – St. Michael's is now collaborating with several academic hospitals in Toronto to share and further develop the system.

Bryan Abankwah, the St. Michael's Student Centre team leader, particularly appreciates the new tools. "It used to take several steps and even student involvement to process applications, but now that we have the Student Registration System, all of our requests are sent and processed automatically," said Abankwah. "And thanks to the orientation system, all our students are equipped with the right information to support the safety and protection of themselves, their colleagues and our patients."