Education Report

Owning your learning

Tasked with meeting the learning needs of staff at St. Michael's, Beverly Bulmer and Shreyshree Raja, co-chairs of the Continuing Education and Professional Development Committee, heard one message loud and clear.

"The most prevalent feedback we got through both the St. Michael's Organizational Learning Scan and the Employee and Physician Engagement Survey was that staff and clinicians wanted opportunities to keep learning, but didn't know how or where to easily access them," said Raja. "That inspired us to build 'My Learning.' It's a centralized place that puts these resources right at your fingertips."

The page not only houses required learning modules like Fire Safety and Security or Customer Service for People with Disabilities, but also tools available for educators to continue to develop their skill sets. "People are often surprised to discover all the learning opportunities that are available to them through St. Michael's," said Bulmer.

While individuals will enjoy the wealth of education resources available to them, St. Michael's programs and the organization as a whole will benefit from an innovative, in–house Education Consulting service, also available through the My Learning page.

"We have links with education across the hospital, and can connect staff with some terrific education tools and resources," said Karen Leslie, chair of the consulting service. "Our goal is to build capacity. We're providing guidance with the idea that our colleagues can not only use the consultation on a particular program or event, but then use and build on it for future learning and education events and activities."