Education Report

Investing in St. Michael’s educators

As an academic hospital with a strong focus on education, St. Michael's philosophy is that we are all students and we are all teachers. St. Michael's is committed to supporting both roles, by offering its management and staff cutting–edge educational and professional development programming.

For example, the inaugural Faculty Development Day at St. Michael's was an opportunity for faculty to come together, discuss education topics with their peers from across the hospital and build communities of practice. Sixty faculty from administrative, educational and clinical backgrounds participated, and their comments were shared with the rest of the organization through a live Twitter feed.

A new leadership development certificate is also helping St. Michael's management and staff to develop their skills. The program was developed using the LEADS framework, which was specifically designed to address leadership competencies required of health care leaders to support a culture of caring leadership.

"The program has been very valuable, the available courses are very relevant to the skills that leaders need to utilize daily," said Tony Nguyen, manager of environmental services and participant in the certificate program. "Peers also come with a variety of experiences, making it interesting to hear and learn from one another."

Through a new collaboration with York University, St. Michael's is supporting its clinical nurse educators by piloting one of the first nurse educator certificate programs in Canada. In the program's first semester, all of the participants enrolled were nurses from St. Michael's.

"So far, it's been great," said Shirley Bell, a clinical nurse educator in General Internal Medicine and a participant in the York program. "It's got me looking in a different way at how I provide education to different kinds of learners, and how I follow up on and evaluate my work afterwards. "

The program teaches clinical nurse educators to use the latest and best available evidence to design, implement and evaluate continuing education programming for nurses.

"It was a big commitment for the hospital, sending me for this course, but it's paying off for me," said Bell. "I'm loving it!"