Well Living House

What is the Well Living House?


The Well Living House is an action research centre that’s focused on Indigenous infant, child and family health and well-being. At its heart is an aspiration to be a place where Indigenous people can come together to gather, understand, link and share best knowledge about happy and healthy child, family and community living.            

The centre is built from a foundation of almost two decades of collaborative work between Indigenous health researchers, front line health practitioners and Indigenous community grandparents.

 Visit the NEW Well Living House website at: www.welllivinghouse.com

What will the Well Living House do?

The long-term vision of the Well Living House is that every Indigenous infant will be born into a context that promotes health and wellbeing – at the individual, family and community levels.

We plan to achieve this vision by improving health policies, services and programs through knowledge work: conducting research, building knowledge networks and providing training.

In all that we do, the Well Living House is committed to using and protecting our Indigenous knowledge, languages and ways of working.

Who’s involved?

The Well Living House is housed at CRICH. A committee of Elders, the Counsel of Grandparents, has been struck to guide the establishment and operation of the Well Living House.

Can I get involved?

We are actively pursuing researcher and community relationships and networks.

To learn more, contact:

Janet Smylie
416-864-6060 x77380

Artwork above by: Christi Belcourt