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2008 Summer Institute on Health Equity and Urban Health - Participants

Marianna Azar, York University (Philosophy)
Margaret Bryson, University of Ottawa (Epidemiology and Community Medicine)
Shayna Buhler, York University (Environmental Studies)
Barbara Cameron, University of Ottawa (Nursing)
Jeri Dunne, McMaster University (Nursing)
Sandra Goldsworthy, University of Toronto (Nursing)
Gladys Honein, University of Toronto
Fatimah Jackson, York University (Social Anthropology)
Alison Jenkins, York University
Anuroop Jhajj, University of Toronto
Melissa Kimber, York University (Social Work)
Yvonne Lai, York University (Psychology)
Jo-Anne MacDonald, University of Ottawa (Nursing)
Daphne Mayer, Lakehead University (Public Health)
Amy Montour, McMaster University (Nursing)
Elissa Press, McMaster University
Danielle Rolfe, University of Toronto
Isabel Sousa, York University
Mae Squires, University of Toronto (Nursing)
Donald Wildfong, McMaster University (Nursing)
Michael Wilson, McMaster University
Marilyn Wright, McMaster University