Survey Research Unit (SRU) - Services

Centre for Research on Inner City Health - Keenan Research Centre

Project Management

We deliver an integrated approach to Project Management, which includes the management of project scope, time, cost, risk, human resources, and data quality.

Our innovative yet pragmatic project management model incorporates design and planning activities throughout the duration of the project. This dynamic approach makes it possible to continuously update protocols to maximize project effectiveness.

Instrument Development

Our instrument development services include mode selection consultation, question design (instrument selection, traditional pretesting, cognitive interviewing), and survey instrument formatting. Our platform supports multiple modes of data collection and multi-language questionnaires, which can be printed, published on the web, or formatted to telephone or mobile interviewing. Read more about our data collection options.

Recruitment and Participant Management

One of our key strengths is our expertise in working with hard-to-reach or hard-to-follow populations. We can help you develop and revise effective recruitment and follow-up protocols, and develop customized IT solutions for your participant management needs. Our trained and experienced recruiters will help you obtain outstanding recruitment rates (average 70-80 per cent) for your project.

Interview Administration

We have a broad team of trained interviewers, and adaptable interview protocols to meet a variety of project needs. The SRU interviewer team members speak more than 15 languages and are trained to work with quantitative and qualitative research methods, marginalized populations and have field experience with interviews about sensitive issues or stigmatized behaviour. Our thorough and ongoing interviewer training is designed to equip interviewers with the skills they need to minimize interviewer-related error. In addition, SRU interviewer-related quality assurance protocols include 10 per cent call backs, behaviour coding, and electronic and manual review of data.

Community Involvement Facilitation

The SRU can assist with the development and execution of community involved processes. Some examples include: reporting to and providing feedback to the community, partnership development, steering committee coordination, concept mapping, collaborative instrument development, as well as more comprehensive community-based research (CBR) activities.

Data Management

Our services provide a wide choice of data processing and management services including data entry, cleaning, coding, transcribing, and paper interview scanning services. Our data management team can work with you to develop a customized data processing and management strategy to meet your project needs. The SRU can also provide real-time reporting materials including a variety of charts, tables and statistics, as well as coding/analysis of qualitative data.

To ensure that our clients receive the highest quality data, the SRU provides rigorous quality control methods that minimize error in all areas and phases of project management.

Research Ethics Board Submissions

We combine our research ethics expertise with our field experience in primary data collection to develop and revise sound Research Ethics Board applications. We are rigorous to ensure that any research we conduct is of the highest ethical standard. The SRU can assist external clients and multicentre projects in completing and managing research ethics submissions at their home and/or participating institution(s).

Concept Mapping

The SRU provides two distinct concept mapping services. Clients have the option of hiring the highly trained SRU staff to conduct their concept mapping study or to hire the SRU to conduct a concept mapping training session for a small group.

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