Survey Research Unit (SRU) - Concept Mapping

Centre for Research on Inner City Health - Keenan Research Centre

Concept mapping is a structured methodology used to brainstorm, organize and prioritize different concepts and ideas. This methodology has both qualitative and quantitative components. It is extremely useful for community-involved research, where is it often used to reach awareness of particular issues and consensus on how to proceed.

The following are some of the distinct advantages of concept mapping:

  • It uses the language of participants rather than the researchers’ language
  • The result is a graphic representation which displays all major ideas and interrelationships and is comprehensible to all participants
  • All participants input is weighted equally in the maps
  • It helps to increase group cohesiveness and morale

The SRU provides two distinct concept mapping services. Clients have the option of hiring the highly trained SRU staff to conduct their concept mapping study. We will help to develop/narrow the focus of the study, as well as facilitate all group sessions, providing the client with the finalized map(s) upon completion of the final concept mapping phase.

Clients also have the option of hiring the SRU to conduct concept mapping training in a small group setting. Depending on the client needs, the SRU provides both introductory and advanced training packages.

For concept mapping project cost estimates or training estimates, please contact us.