Survey Research Unit (SRU) - About Us

Centre for Research on Inner City Health - Keenan Research Centre

The Survey Research Unit is housed at the Centre for Research on Inner City Health (CRICH), St. Michael’s Hospital. The SRU was created in July 2009 to consolidate, mobilize, and expand CRICH’s considerable survey research capabilities and expertise.

At the SRU, we strive to develop a close and collaborative relationship with our clients through regular meetings and project management reports – any additions or changes to scope are governed through a mutually agreed upon change request process. Our use of adaptable protocols and a broad team of research interviewers will ensure that your research project is put together quickly and efficiently.

The SRU focuses on research that addresses the social determinants of health. Exploring how health and well-being are implicated by social factors is an important part of our research focus. Some examples of social determinants that are embedded in our research include: income and social status, employment and working conditions, social support networks, health services, physical environments, gender, and culture.

We are committed to high-quality research and offer a variety of services and data collection options to meet your project needs.

SRU Management Team

Dr. Patricia O’Campo, PhD
SRU Director

Dr. Patricia O’Campo is the Alma and Baxter Ricard Chair of Inner City Health Research; Director of the Centre for Research on Inner City Health; and Professor of Public Health at University of Toronto. Dr. O’Campo has led a number of longitudinal and cross-sectional studies on the social determinants of adult mental health, intimate partner violence, and children's well-being. Read her full profile.

Dr. Tatiana Dowbor, MPH, PhD
SRU Manager

Dr. Tatiana Dowbor has 10 years of research and evaluation experience. She has worked on projects related to HIV/AIDS, primary health care, social determinants of health, homelessness, housing, and immigration.

Cheryl Pedersen, MSc
Research Project Manager

Cheryl Pedersen has 10 years of research experience in the field of health administration. She has worked on projects related to hospital work environments, patient safety, job satisfaction, and stress levels, and the migration of internationally educated nurses to Canada.