Research in Progress - Fairer access to cancer care

Centre for Research on Inner City Health - Keenan Research Centre

Breast, colorectal and cervical cancer can all be successfully treated - if they’re found at early stages. When fully developed, these cancers can be deadly. Cancer "screening" programs aim to test everyone in certain age groups for cancer or pre-cancerous conditions, to make sure that necessary treatment can start as early as possible. Although cancer screening saves thousands of Canadians' lives every year, these programs aren't reaching everyone. For example, South Asian women in Ontario are much less likely than the average female Canadian to get screened for cervical and breast cancer.

CRICH is working with Cancer Care Ontario, Peel Public Health, Punjabi Community Health Services and a wide range of community members to explain what's sustaining this inequity and how to resolve it. The project's unique mix of partners means we're prepared to respond at the provincial as well as local level. To learn more about our work in Peel, contact

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