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Making Evaluations Matter: An Introduction to Evaluations of Complex Interventions: ACHIEVE KT Training Module

Sanjeev Sridharan, University of Toronto and St. Michael's Hospital

This class will be an exploration of what “makes evaluations matter.” How does one go beyond a view of evaluation as a collection of designs and methods and pay attention to the actions required to make interventions matter? As the figure below describes, ten questions will guide our effort to make evaluations matter. While I will present a number of evaluation concepts, this class is foremost a dialogue on how systems of evaluation can help with planning and shaping interventions. Class participants will be expected to reflect on their experiences with intervention planning and evaluation and also adapt the ideas from the class to one specific intervention that is of interest to them.

The class will consist of four sessions. Each of the sessions will be structured as a 90 minute interactive formal presentation (led by me) and 90 minute discussion (led by you) around a specific topic. This class is designed for ACHIEVE students, members of community groups, policy analysts, policymakers and anyone with an interest in making evaluations matter. My belief is that four sessions is a heavy expenditure of your time -- the fact that you are interested in spending 12 hours is proof enough that you care about this topic. I will also be inviting influential and interesting evaluators and community researchers (either in person or through Skype) who can help explicate some of the concepts to be discussed in this class.